UPDATE: Former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark was departed on 4/16/2021 just as the walls were closing in on him to disclose the identity of his handler Frank Wisner (in the lead-up to the 20-year aniversary of the 911 attacks).

Above you will find a conversation between Q and Ramsey Clark which took place on 2013-07-18 when Q confronted him about the fact that he was refusing to subpoena video recordings documenting the illegal physical abuse of Sheikh Rahman at FMC Rochester in Minnesota. As you can see in the recording, Ramsey Clark stated "I didn't think we needed it" [at 6:20 in the recording] when asked why he failed to retrieve this amazingly evidence which would have blown the lid off the 911 investigation and all that came before it (and also guaranteed transfer of his client back to Egypt). It is extremely illegal in America for an attorney to refuse to pursue video-recorded evidence that proves crimes being engaged against his client (illegal physical assaults upon Sheikh Rahman by prison guards who also video recorded it). The abuse of Sheikh Rahman (as being discussed in this top-secret recording) is also the direct reason why the 911 attacks occurred because the specific selection of the World Trade Center as a target was done out of revenge for the imprisonment of Sheikh Rahman (or else it appears that all the planes were originally destined to only attack Washington DC infrastructure), yet the American government lied about 911 to the entire world. The evil FBI/CIA then put out a different story claiming that the Islamic religion is somehow responsible for the attacks (when this is not true). The dispute which resulted in the 911 attacks was a dispute between various militant religious mafia organizations that spilled out into the public. The actual person who ordered the attacks was not Osama Bin Laden, but rather a Pakstani ISI military figure (and shiite religious leader, although The Investigation has not yet discovered any proof that Iran was involved). When FBI/CIA allowed one of their friends in Pakistani government to attack America on 911, they let his evil act slide simply because Pakistan has nuclear weapons and their cowardice/betrayals did not permit them to fight a government with nukes (which has long been deposed from power in that country, although lingering elements continue to protect this scandal from exposure). So they made a secret pact with the Pakistani devil to accept the human sacrifice of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran (simply because these particular countries are linked to messianic end-time prophesies that these people are delusionally obsessed about). In the end, America attacked every country in the Middle East (and was about to illegally nuke Iran if Trump had won a second term) other than to stand up to the government of the actual country that did attack New York City on 911, which was Pakistan. The gaytheists only fight battles they know they can win (even if they are attacking innocent people), but they run like a cowards from the battles they can't win (especially when it involves a fight with a devil of equal or greater power). If the Pakistani devil had instead flown all of his planes into the White House, Pentagon, CIA and FBI headquarters on 911, I really don't think that anyone would have complained as much since those were these agencies that illegally conspired to make 911 possible for purposes of delusional messianic religious endeavors (especially now that the world sees what Washington DC is really all about these days). RIP all the victims of 911 (to include those killed in the Pentagon). Q had the solution from day one. Violence is a failure of intelligence. If the only solution you see for a problem is violence, then just keep looking because there is always a better non-violent solution you are missing. 20 years of satanic pain and terror inflicted upon the entire globe, as the gaytheists keep experimenting with even more extreme human sacrifice rituals and genocide to appease the satanic demon that they worship.