2013-09-27 This is a snippet of a conversation with Ramsey Clark which took place inside his home in Manhattan on 9/27/2013, immediately after I was released from an illegal arrest engaged by a direct friend of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance (I was later acquitted of the charge in 2015). In this conversation we are also discussing the abuse of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman at the prison in Rochester Minnesota, which is the criminal activity which ultimately caused New York City to be included in the 911 plot (as the original plot only targeted DC and Virginia, the twin towers were only targeted as an homage to Sheikh Rahman because he was wrongfully imprisoned as a result of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993). We are discussing the fact that the illegal beatings of Sheikh Rahman occurred in front of numerous other Muslim inmates and was also video recorded by the prison officials directly. Ramsey Clark was placed on Sheikh Rahman's defense team as a spy sent to deliberately sabotage his defense (either voluntarily or via illegal threats from FBI, he has never fully explained the reasons). Ramsey Clark refused to investigate this abuse of the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda (before 911 even occurred), despite the fact that numerous independent witnesses and video recordings corroborate the fact that the prison guards in Rochester Minnesota are directly responsible for the ultimate re-targeting of the World Trade Center by Al-Qaeda). If they had not engaged the illegal physical abuse of Sheikh Rahman, the 911 style-plot would have likely still occurred with targeting limited to White House, Pentagon, and other government buildings in that immediate vicinity (which would have resulted in a much smaller civilian death toll).