A recording between Q and FBI Special Agent Scott Austin Duffey made on 2016-03-04 where he openly admits that FBI Director James Comey (or someone from his office) directly assigned him to investigate Q's whistleblower claims against the Clinton mafia. Q was illegally arrested 3 days later as part of James Comey's direct plot to attempt to rig the 2016 election. What is interesting about this conversation is that the FBI terrorist sleeper cells dispatched by Comey to arrest Q had actually stolen Q's cell phone when they illegally arrested him and then they deleted this conversation from the phone before returning it back to Q (over a year later while Q was still illegally imprisoned). They were so sloppy that they didn't realize that Q set up his phone to auto-upload all recordings (immediately after they are made) to a secret server. So the FBI thought that they deleted this evidence when they deleted all of Q's files from his computer and phone (before returning them), but the didn't know that all these recordings were sitting on a secret server for years. The minute Q was released from prison, he retrieve them all and now they are available for the public to review. All the court documents are online at pacer.gov, and you will see the false testimony provided by Scott Austin Duffey in this matter, to include his own sworn description of this recorded conversation. Compare his testimony to the recorded conversation and you will see that he clearly lied under oath. After James Comey had orchestrated Q's illegal arrest in Washington DC on 3/7/2016, this illegal arrest then set off a series of events that caused Q's 15-year long ceasefire with the Pakistani Al-Qaeda to collapse, and Al-Qaeda then retaliated by ordering the first terrorist attack they have ordered against America since 9/11/2001, which was the attack they ordered to occur on 6/11/2016.