Snippet of a conference call between myself, the Honorary British Consul and a United States Ambassador (both close friends of Hillary Clinton), discussing a pedophile scandal which occurred in a school run by the American government (in a foreign country). In this conversation, the British Consul and Ambassador Ed Gabriel are begging me to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the true story behind the false "pizzagate" psyops which was leaked in October 2016. This confidentiality agreement eventually fell apart, which then caused me to threaten to leak this scandal prior to the 2016 election. Clinton/Obama then tried to continue to cover up the scandal by recruiting FBI Director James Comey to kidnap me into illegal imprisonment in March of 2016 in order to keep the scandal secret from the public (and rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton). After I was kidnapped, I was then threatened with violence to remove my website from the internet. After my website was illegally removed from the internet, someone leaked a fake story about it called "pizzagate" to distract the public from the real story. They then assassinated the British Consul while I was imprisoned because he was going to take my side in this dispute and eventually testify against them after I was released.