11-04-1996: The is the second of two audio recordings made of Raoul Mauricio Campana admitting to the murder of Mohamed Syed, 28, of Queens, found at 5:47 a.m shot numerous times in a vacant lot on East 164th Street and Stebbins Avenue in the Bronx. Mohamed Syed was also a direct associate of Ikram Haq, Shahzad Ahmed, Maroof Ahmed and Daoud Gilana (aka David Headley, the mastermind of the Mumbai Massacre which occurred on 11-26-2008). If this particular murder investigation had not been obstructed since 1994, both the 911 attacks and all that followed could have easily been prevented. In this recording, Mr. Campana also arranges the execution of one of his co-conspirators in the murder, and individual named Abid Chaudry who was eventually arrested on a federal drug case approximately 2000. Abid Chaudhry became a cooperating witness for the DEA and was recruited by them to file a falsified heroin case against Syed Farooq Ahmed (the main condiuit for the Pakistani ISI) in prison for 7 years immediatly following the 911 attacks. The DEA, CIA and FBI thereby knowingly allowed Mr. Chaudhry to escape prosecution for the 1994 murder (an illegal obstruction which is still continuing until today) simply because that murder was linked to the same Al-Qaeda leadership that conspired with the CIA to falsely frame Afghanistan for the 911 attacks (when it was the Pakistani ISI that attacked America on 911). This recording was made on 11-04-1996 using a micro-cassette recorder hidden inside the vehicle where the conversation took place.