12-27-2018 Conversation with Probation Officer Betty Menendez-Aponte, the Trump agent who filed a false complaint against me in 2019 as part of Trump's attempts to keep me imprisoned past the 2020 election. In this conversation Aponte openly declares that federal agents from "all across the country" are calling to ask her (my probation officer at the time) if they can speak to me about the terrorism scandal. Even though I clearly inform her that I am more than willing to speak to them as long as I am allowed to record it, all of a sudden they don't want to speak to me anymore. In subsequent court filings and sworn testimony, Aponte later lied under oath and claimed that we never had this conversation (because she did not anticipate that I was recording her), while at the same time she was also threatening to have me arrested for recording her (even though Federal jurisdiction is one-party consent law). After they illegally imprisoned me to rig the elections, they then discovered that I had the recordings and their entire case collapsed, and so they dismissed the charges and terminated my probation early because they were caught red-handed committing very serious federal crimes as part of an attempt to imprison a whistleblower so they can try to rig the 2020 election (again). As a result of the FBI refusing to call me (even after feds from all around the country called USPO Aponte asking for an interview), three additional terrorist attacks took place. So the only way that Trump would ever send Federal Agents to speak to me about anything, is if I agree not to record it (or if they are permitted to destroy recordings of the interview if they hear anything they are not permitted by Trump/Biden to investigate, which at this point is everything (to include murders that have nothing to do with terrorism).