Ayatollah Khomeini
Spiritual Leader

Ayatollah approves of transgenderism

Ayatollah Khomeini is alleged to be a primary Shiite spiritual influence of "Hashem," a Pakistani ISI warlord and secret leader of his own LGBTQAEDA+ terrorism organization which did the 911 and 611 attacks and other crimes (not to be confused with the Al-Qaeda organizations run by others) Hashem apparently developed (either by himself or with US government assistance) a complex plot to try and take control of the entire Islamic politic-religion structure. The Shiite "Hashem" is being protected from arrest by the CIA/FBI/DEA because he has worked as an informant for all three of those organizations (as he apparently uses different identities to successfully compartmentalize his various espionage operations against America and India). Hashem is a confirmed follower of the gaytheism religious movement based upon his citing of a fatwa by Khomeini approving of the transgender religious theories (during an exchange of communications between Q and Hashem which took place prior to the 911 attack). The Investigation has not been able to conclusively determine whether Hashem is working directly with the Iranian government (although he is clearly trying to frame them into a horrific war with Israel/America). It is possible that the only influence that Iran has upon Hashem's activities relates solely to the fact that Hashem takes Khomeini as being his primary religious influence. If there is any Iranian involvement in his activities, The Investigation will be able to determine it shortly and will report back with the findings as they are made available. In the meantime, it appears that Hashem illegally sacrificed Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran (and likely other Islamic countries such as Syria) to the AST organization in exchange for immunity from arrest/assassination concerning his ordering of the 911 attacks upon America, the Mumbai Massacre in 2008, the 611 attacks in 2016 and continued global subervise activities.

Additional information and evidence concerning Khomeini's influence over the AST conspiracy (aka the Gaytheism Religious Movement) and the operations of their Pakistani ISI counterpart (Hashem) will be published in the next phase of The Investigation.