CryptoMatrix Contest 2021

This section is only for those who are participating in the Q-decrypt contest.

ANON = BORO (p,q/+1)
(Remove P, Q)
A + 1 = B
N + 1 = O
O + 1 = R
N + 1 = O

  p - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O R S T U V W X Y Z - q
p - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O R S T U V W X Y Z - q  

Q-DECRYPT 2021 (Public+Private): Veracrypt
Email answer to gain root level access

UPDATE 3/14/2021 - Ides of March (a deadline for settling debts):
Pinecone/16 [Gyn: Aaron White]
Datepalm/22 [Gyn: Anissa Blue]
Boxthorn/1 [Gyn: Moses Green]
(+/-1w) TheGoldenLady/SuesRendezvous (circa cryptomedia)

UPDATE 2/14/2021 - 2013-2016 competition:
C first place, P second, third unclaimed. Boxthorn passes first round 2021.
Let the games begin.

UPDATE 10/13/2020 - List of 24,211 government emails who recieved notice of 2021 terrorism threat resulting from attempt by Democrats/Republicans to rig a third election since 2012.

FROM ARCHIVE CIRCA 2013 - Click for timstamped "Q-drop" published in 2013 which announces the imminent Donald Trump Q-Anon scam. Notice the different font used to highlight the word "trumpet" and "buttons" as the focus of the coded leak, using the same method engaged by the Anthrax attacker from 2001 who has yet to be arrested (Bruce Ivans is not the person who mailed the Anthrax letters although he was clearly part of the conspiracy). Also notice the black "anonymous" logo stenciled over an altered image of Einstein on the left side of this Q-drop (to symbolize the rise of the anon). Frank Wisner responded to this Q-drop by co-optiong Donald Trump to be his "anonymous Q-up" for the 2016 election as part of this long distance tennis match between Q/μ (Q-boro/Medicine) and Z/Ψ (Zod/Prawn9), the two most powerful mutant precog mafia of the 24-letter illuminati.





Q unmasked!

LOV/11368 We are the Tri-State.

New York (The Junto)

New Jersey (Check-in Time for all the Schizo)

Connecticut (Dead in the Middle of Little Italy)