Diana Kerry
American School

Profile at Search Associates

Diana Kerry is John Kerry's sister. The Kerry's have been involved with the AST pedomafia organization for decades. Diana Kerry currently works for Search Assosiates, which is the AST-run teacher recruitment firm that specialized in placing LGBTQAEDA+ compatible homopede "educators" in various children's schools all around the world so they can spread their gaytheism religion to kids everywhere. The former head of Search Associates, John Magagna is directly implicated in the gaytheism homopede crimes of AST for decades, and also in the money laundering "dollars for dirhams" illegal financial frauds that AST has been engaging for decades (as documented in the hyperlinked email). AST also rigged the 2004 election to ensure that John Kerry was the democratic candidate as a result of Q's attempts to expose the Bush regime's crimes regarding 911 (and so they needed to have a backup to Bush that is willing to cover up the AST crimes, so they ran John Kerry in the 2004 election because he is part of the AST mafia). As a result of the rigging of numerous elections (so that the American public is always forced to elect a pro-AST candidate), the Office of the Presidency has remained within tha AST family since Wisner first orchestrated the 911 for Bush to continue to advance their satanic agenda. AST has thereby rigged 6 presidential administrations in a row thus far by ensuring that in every election since Bush 1, that the public's only option is to elect a pro-AST candidate (to include in 2004 when AST ran Kerry against Bush).