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Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel


2010-08-02@315pm: The above recording is a 1 minute, 25 second opening snippet of a 25 minute telephone conversation between myself and Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel (the man pictured in the middle with Bill and Hillary Clinton) discussing an agreement reached between myself and Wisner's AST organization to rig the 2012 election in favor of Obama. The public agreement dealt with a pedophile scandal which occred at AST from 2007-2010. In a separate secret agreement between Q and Wisner's CIA, Wisner futher promised to transfer Sheikh Rahman back to Egypt no later than 2013 (all in exchange for my promise not to publicly disclose crimes committed by his organization leading up to the 911 attacks and beyond). Both the public and secret agreement between Q and the AST organization was subsequently breached by AST in 2013, thereby resulting in an election-rigging scheme which clearly continued into both the 2016 and 2020 elections (as Obama Bin Biden and Clinton's Q-anon Trumpet continued to fight over the reigns of power in Washington DC). In 2013 after Obama was elected via fraud (by refusing to honor AST's promise to return Sheikh Rahman back to Egypt), Wisner's CIA (who chose Donald Trump as their candidate in 2016) and and Gabriel's FBI (who chose Clinton to be their candidate for 2016) then conspired to kidnap Q prior to the 2016 election in order to prevent him from exposing these crimes after AST clearly breached their agreement with Q. Since AST could not trick Q into any additional agreements to rig the 2016 election (after they were exposed as liars), they instead resorted to having FBI Director James Comey engage an illegal kidnapping of Q as their preferred method by which to rig the 2016 election. Q was then subject to a surprise imprisonment starting in March 7th of 2016 held without bail for nearly two years on a minor charge (all the way until the end 2017) based upon a knowingly false complaint filed by one of the judges in Wilmington Delaware that is clearly taking bribes from AST to help them cover up their crimes agianst humanity. The real purpose of the illegal kidnapping was to prevent Q from travelling to a neutral country to conduct a press conference concerning the AST scandal prior to the 2016 election. Since that time Q has been threatened with additional illegal kidnappings if he attempts to leave the United States to break this scandal because the election-rigging will continue indefinetly and for the purpose of covering up these crimes against humanity.