Frank Gardner Wisner
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Frank Gardner Wisner is the co-founder of the CIA, and was involved in many evil activities of murder and torture for the entirety of his life in government service. He was so pschologically tortured by his own crimes that he committed suicide with his own son's shotgun. His son, Frank G. Wisner II then took over his father's various illegal projects which continue to this day. Both of the Wisners (father and son) claim to have been visited by "aliens" who they remain in contact with, and to whom they engage various human sacrifices to appease them. If it is true that they are in contact with "aliens," you can readily see from the types of activities they are involved in that the alien they are working for is actually a satanic demon who has succeded in taking their souls hostage for eternity (and so at this point all they have left is to try and drag the entire planet earth down with them).

Additional information and evidence concerning Frank Wisner's establishment of the AST conspiracy (aka the Gaytheism Religious Movement) will be published in the next phase of The Investigation.