Joseph A. McPhillips III
American School

Wikipedia Joseph A. McPhillips III

Joseph A. McPhillips III was the Gaytheism Religion's highest placed operative within the monarchies of the Islamic world (who was successful enough in his various espionage activities to be able to manufacture the blackmail the King of Morocco and also multiple Presidential administrations in America). McPhillips ran a pedophile ring in Morocco that catered to the highest level elite homopedes (homosexual pedophiles) of the illuminati governments and Hollywood community. McPhillips would recieve many dignitaries from the government and Hollywood communities, and he would use his network of Moroccan gaytheism pimps to engage sex trafficking of young Moroccan boys to various elite homopedes from all around the world. McPhillips attempted to molest Q when he was a student at AST in 1987, and that event set off a long-term mafia war between Q-Boro and the FBI/CIA/DEA after Q and his father attempted to report it (only for the scandal to be covered up by the highest level Moroccan and American government officials). As a result of the scandal eventually morphing into an attempt to frame Q for the 911 attacks, Q thereby returned to Morocco and assassinated McPhillips on June 11th, 2007 by suprising him in his home on "old mountain road" and throwing him down a flight of stairs (as in the Islamic religion, the punishment for a homopede who molests a child is that they must be thrown from a high place). The assassination of McPhillips was supposed to be the end of the dispute between Q and the FBI/CIA/DEA, but members of McPhillips Gaytheism Cult refused to accept this resolution and by 2009 they were already attempting to engage additional illegal molestations of Q because they are obsessed with killing him simply because he refused to join their Gaytheism Religious Cult when McPhillips attepmted to molest him into it in 1987.

Additional information and evidence concerning McPhillip's significant role within the AST conspiracy (aka the Gaytheism Religious Movement) will be published in the next phase of The Investigation.