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Khurrum Wahid


Email announcing imminent assassination of Khurrum Wahid's client by Obama Bin Biden
Filing confirming assassination

Khurrum Wahid is one of Q's conduits to Obama Bin Biden since 2006 when they first met and worked on a criminal case together. He is also a friend of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others in the AST hierarchy and thus directly implicated in the Wilmington Delaware homopede "Gaytheism" movement run by the American School of Tangier. Khurrum is also the main defender of the Pakistani LGBTQAEDA+ warlord named "Hashem" that attacked America on 911. Hashem is a Pakistani ISI commander (and Shiite) that joined Clinton's global Gaytheism cult approximately 1991, which is why Obama Bin Biden are so desperate to boost Iranian Shiite (a non-Muslim sect) into a position of control over the entire Islamic Middle East simply because Shiite are willing to implement Gaytheism religious principles into their interpretation of the Islamic religion (when those principles are completely contradictory to Islam). In 2006, Khurrum also attempted to induce Q to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit (even though he knew that Q was completely innocent). Q refused to take his advice and instead defended himself PRO SE through a jury trial (without Khurrum's assistance) where he was ultimately acquitted of all charges stemming from a false claim that Q broke into the home of an FBI informant and assaulted them. Since that event in 2006, Khurrum has continued to engage provocative actions that harm the American public. For example, Q recently contacted Khurrum on February 4th, 2021 to warn him about an imminent assassination likely triggered by the AST mafia (against one of Khurrum's unsuspecting Egyptian clients). Khurrum responded to Q on February 8th, 2021 to acknowledge receiving the email warning, but he still refused to call a meeting to discuss it. By February 19th, his Egyptian client was dead. Khurrum then responded to the successful assassination by falsely accusing Q of engaging "witchcraft" and "sorcery" to induce death upon his client (when it is clear that the Gaytheists are the ones performing illegal witchcraft which backfired upon them to fall right back into the lap of their own Pakistani LGBTQAEDA+ Golden Boy Khurrum Wahid). Khurrum/Biden are now openly obstructing investigation into an illegal demonic assassination operation engaged upon the inmates of FDC Miami since 2018 (despite the fact that Q informed both the Trump/Biden administration of these crimes at FDC Miami since he first witnessed them directly starting in 2019. Khurrum/Biden have now also orchestrated the illegal kidnapping of Q’s whistleblower at FDC Miami into solitary confinement on April 1st, 2021 (to threaten, punish and try to silence him from helping Q to expose these additional crimes related to the ongoing AST terrorism conspiracy (which is just one of the many ancillary scandals that Q has discovered while investigating the 911 scam).

More info coming soon.