The Manhattan D.A.


From 2010 to 2012 the FBI and CIA entrapped Q into a fake "peace treaty" that was supposed to settle all the scandals which took place since 1987. After Q assassinated McPhillips in Morocco on 6/11/2007, the Moroccan government asked Q to accept employment at AST to ensure that the FBI/CIA did not attempt to once again turn the school into an LGBT shrine for the McPhillips mafia. Unfortunately, the FBI/CIA were determined to avenge the assassination of McPhillips, and so they recruited an LGBT kingpin by the name of Mark Simpson to once again attempt an LGBT takeover of the school starting approximately 2008. Simpson was hired as the Headmaster of the American School of Marrakesh (a branch of AST) starting in September 2008 where he immediately began to target Q with various operations to try and get him ejected from the school. Almost immediately upon Simpson's arrival at AST, he began to spread false rumors amongst the staff accusing Q of "hacking" all the pro-LGBT staff to prepare his FBI/CIA operation against Q. At the same time Simpson was spreading the false rumors of hacking, he then "lost" a USB key inside the school containing various pedophilic content (to include his novels which he was also attempting to publish in America). The USD key was taken to the lost and found by a cleaning lady who found it, and it did not surface again until sometime later when the electronic devices in the lost and found were taken to Q to determine their owners (so he could return them). As Q began to review the contents of the lost and found, he ran across a USB key that contained numerous illegal pedophilic contents. Based upon the contents of the device, he was also able to confirm that the materials belonged to Mark Simpson. Q immediately reported the contents of the USB to a member of the Board of Directors in Marrakesh (who was also a relative of the King). The Board Members immediately demanded a Board Meeting to address this material, and that is when Simpson sprung his FBI/CIA trap on everyone in the school. Simpson immediately claimed that the materials were "hacked" from his computer and "altered", and that Q and the Moroccan government were conducting illegal operations upon the American LGBT friends of McPhillips to frame them. The Board of Directors fractured after all the Americans on the Board took Simpson's side, and they immediately terminated all the Moroccan Board members who were demanding an investigation of Simpson's USB key (to include the member of the Royal Family whom Q initially approached). The FBI/CIA also immediately started false-accusing Q of not only hacking the entire school, but also hacking the United States Embassy in Rabat and plotting a "terrorist attack" against the school. The false claims by Simpson and the American Board Members of AST provoked a massive investigation in Morocco, but after it became clear that the Moroccan government was not falling for the false claims and were starting to investigate Simpson, the FBI/CIA then smuggled Simpson out of the country back to America. The investigation remained ongoing for several more months until Q was finally cleared of all the false allegations, upon which time he returned to the USA to sue the American Board Members in Delaware (where AST was incorporated). After Q filed suit against AST in Delaware in 2010, the FBI/CIA then forced the Moroccan government to kidnap Q's cousin into false imprisonment in Morocco in order to force a settlement agreement. Once the litigation was filed in USA, all of a sudden, the American Board Members were claiming that it was the Moroccan government that planted all the incriminating child porn on Simpson's USB key and that Simpson was completely innocent. Based upon the fact that Q could not ascertain who was lying, Q eventually agreed to settle the claims after the FBI/CIA made it clear that they would also assist him with obtaining the return of Sheikh Rahman to Egypt (in an effort to also end the 911 scam to which Q was also a witness). As a result of these promises, Q agreed to settle the Delaware AST litigation in 2012 in order to allow Obama to obtain his second term (in exchange for return of Sheikh Rahman to Egypt by 2013). Q was not aware that the entire settlement agreement was a complete scam, and that the FBI/CIA had no intention to follow through on the promises they made to Q in order to secure Obama's second term. Immediately after the settlement agreement was signed in 2012, the FBI/CIA immediately violated the agreement by again unleashing Simpson on Q with more false claims that he was being hacked in violation of the settlement agreement. Simpson then used the false "hacking" allegations to launch numerous blog sites on the internet accusing Q of every crime imaginable from hacking to terrorism (all in breach of the 2012 settlement agreement). By the time Q discovered that Simpson's breach of the agreement was sanctioned by FBI/CIA, it was already too late. Obama had already secured his second term, and now Q was stuck back in litigation with the FBI/CIA that was already rigged in favor of AST.

By 2013, Simpson was now being directed to send death threats to Q and his family in order to brag about how they succeeded in tricking Q into allowing Obama to obtain a second term. On April 7th, 2013 Simpson sent email death threats to Q which also included threats against Q's mother. Q responded to the death threats on April 16th, 2013 with counter-threats to kill Simpson and his boyfriend Albro. Simpson and Albro then approached their friend, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance (whom Simpson befriended after teaching Cyrus Vance's children while employed at another elite school in Manhattan called Trinity), and asked him to illegally arrest Q for his responses. Since Simspon/Albo sent the April 7th, 2013 death threats to Q using a proxy company to preserve their anonymity, their plan was to simply deny that they sent any threats to Q to provoke him, and instead claim that they were subjected to illegal threats on April 16th, 2013 without justification. They then recruited an NYPD Detective named Desmond Egan to contact Q as part of his "investigation" of the April 16th, threat email sent by Q. When Q informed Detective Egan that his April 16th, 2013 email was in response to a prior April 7th, 2013 death threat email sent by Simpson/Albro to provoke him, Detective Egan immediately offered to arrest Simpson/Albro if Q could provide him a copy of the April 7th email used to provoke him. Q then travelled to New York to meet with Detective Egan on September 26th, 2013 to provide him a copy of the illegal threats sent by Simpson/Albro on April 7th, yet the minute Q met with Detective Egan, he refused to review the email threats sent by Simpson/Albro on April 7th based upon a claim that Simpson/Albro were denying having sent the email, at which time Detective Egan arrested Q for his April 16th response.

The case was very simple from the start. Q conducted a proffer with the Manhattan DA office senior felony prosecutors to inform them of Detective Egan's crime in refusing to trace the death threat emails sent by Simpson (which they claimed to be unaware of). Still the Manattan DA refused to trace the emails in order to protect Simpson from arrest for his crimes (which now also included the filing of a false police report against Q). Even though the Manhattan DA and NYPD were now refusing to trace the April 7th, 2013 email which proved that Q was completely innoncent (and also proved that Simpson/Albro sent the illegal email it in order to provoke Q's response so they could file a knowingly false police complaint), that still did not prevent Q from tracing the email himself in order to use it as his defense at trial. That is when the FBI/CIA, NYPD and Manhattan DA then decided to take control of Q's Court-Appointed Counsels (the Legal Aid Society, Attorneys Benjamin Dell, Tara Collins and David Kapner) in order to prevent Q's court-assigned attorneys from tracing the threat email sent by Simpson/Albro. Even though the Legal Aid Attorneys knew that all they had to do was trace the April 7th email used to provoke Q's response, they immediately started making "mistakes" in sending out a proper subpoena to trace the email. These "mistakes" then continued for almost a year while they instead attempted to force Q to take a plea agreement or risk the Manhattan DA upgrading the charges to a felony in order to imprison him without bail (so he could not participate in his own defense). Q made numerous secret recordings with the Court-appointed attorneys to demonstrate how they were intentionally attempting to sabotage his defense in order to help the LGBT mafia that was trying to convict Q of a false charge. After numerous mistakes and outright refusals to send a proper subpoena to confirm the April 7th email originated with Simpson/Albro, the only way that Q could finally trace the email was to actually remove the Legal Society from the case in order to proceed PRO SE (so that he could send the subpoenas himself). After almost two years, Q finally obtained the right to proceed PRO SE where he was finally able to send a subpoena to trace the April 7th, 2013 email despite continued attempts by additional Court-appointed attorneys forced on Q as "standby counsel" to continue to sabotage the subpoenas, which confirmed that the death threat emails originated with Simpson/Albro (and that the FBI/CIA, Manhattan DA and even the NY Criminal Court judges were all lying and committing crimes to coverup the clear false police complaint filed by Simpson/Albro). Once the ISP (Verizon) finally responded to trace the April 7th, 2013 email directly to Simpson's home in Manhattan, they sent the proof to the Manhattan Criminal Court and the Manhattan DA then dismissed the case prior to trial as a last attempt to prevent Q from obtaining a copy of this exculpatory evidence (because they were going to be exposed at trial as covering up the crimes of their LGBT mafia friends). Even after the case was dismissed, the NY Criminal Court continued to commit crimes against Q by refusing to give him a copy of the Court file containing the exculpatory evidence for months until Q finally obtained it after filing a complaint with the head Clerk (a Mr. Black)

After Q was able to prove that the FBI/CIA and Manhattan DA had violated the settlement agreement by attempting to once again illegally imprison Q to help the LGBT mafia that was targeting him for decades, Q then planned to travel to the Middle East to expose all these crimes by Clinton mafia prior to the 2016 election, which then caused the FBI/CIA to illegally kidnap Q in another false "threat" case they filed with the Wilmington Delaware FBI who had finally decided it was time to illegally imprison Q on false charges in order to prevent this scandal from being exposed prior to the 2016 election. The FBI then illegally kidnapped Q on March 7th, 2016 to prevent him from travelling to Middle East to expose these crimes, at which point his long-term ceasefire with Al-Qaeda subsequently collapsed after Q failed to travel to the Middle East by April 2016 as promised. That is when Al-Qaeda ordered one of their operatives to conduct a terrorist attack against the LGBT on June 11th, 2016 (the 9 year anniversary of the McPhillips assassination in Morocco) to protest the illegal activities engaged by the Clinton mafia as part of their attempt to rig the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton.