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FBI Informant Marjorie E. Malone

Above you will find the audio recordings of a criminal trial where Q defended himself without the assistance of the person he hired to sit next to him at trial, which was Khurrum Wahid. The dispute originated when a gaytheist operative named Marjorie Malone was hired by Special Agent Shamus Skelly and Special Agent Matthew Foster (of the South Florida Joint Terrorism Taskforce) to file a false criminal case against Q, accusing him of breaking into her home to assault her for calling them to falsely report Q as terrorist (because he was residing in Florida with NY license plates on his car, as she gave no other reason for her coincidental targeting of a whistleblower to the 911 scam). Q was completely innocent. Marjorie Malone had a long history of false informing upon other innocent neighbors (and being a neighborhood nuisance), yet Judge Robsinson illegally withheld all this critical exculpatory information from the jury in an effort to force a false conviction upon Q. The day of the trial, Judge Robinson had shown up drunk. Q noticed it at the very first sidebar when he came within 3 feet of her and she smelled as if she had bathed in a tub of whisky before walking into the courtroom. The Gaytheist Public Defenders Howard Finkelstein, Mindy Solomon and Karen Velez were also involved in the illegal conspiracy to try and force a falsified conviction upon Q simply because they became aware that he was in a dispute with federal officials who were targeting him since 1987 after he refused to join their gaytheism cult. The FBI thereby recruited this gaytheism operative (who was showered with praise by the Public Defenders and the Court for working as a phone sex operator servicing males and females) to try and imprison Q in order to punish him for nearly collapsing the second term of Bush administratoin in 2004 (after Q made contact with the Lynne Stewart defense team and was asked by Michael Tigar to testify in her case immediatly prior to the 2004 election, which never occured because the CIA illegally blocked it). Q hired Khurrum to assist him with this criminal trial, but then on trial date he refused to show up. Q defended himself through a jury trial (from start to finish) and was acquitted of all charges by the jury. Immediatly following this victory, Q retaliated against the FBI/CIA by travelling to Morocco to assassinate Joe McPhillips.