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FBI Matthew Foster ASAC Nashville

Matthew Foster

SA Foster's illegal kidnapping of Q in 2005 which was denied by FBI in 2016 (resulting in continued terrorism in 2020-21)

The "Baker Act" report (and additional documents) provided above document how FBI Agent Matthew Foster illegally kidnapped Q to a hospital on January 22nd, 2005 after he was asked to testify in the Lynne Stewart trial (which was occuring in New York). The 2016 Federal Court transcripts attached to the Baker Act report also confirm that when FBI Agent Scott Duffey was questioned under oath (by Q directly) about this illegal FBI kidnapping incident, Agent Duffey lied and claimed that FBI Agent Foster doesn't exist and that there is no record of the 2005 incident in Q's FBI file (despite the Baker Act report confirming his existence).

When the original kidnapping by FBI Agent Matthew Foster occured on January 22nd, 2005, Q responded by contacting Agent Foster and threatened to return to Morocco to assassinate CIA operative Joseph McPhillips. FBI Agent Foster retaliated by recruiting their informant Marjorie Malone to file a false criminal case against Q on February 22nd, 2005 (one month later). Q was acquitted of these false charges during a jury trial in October of 2006 and immediatly returned to Morocco to enagage the assassination of McPhillips which took place on June 11th, 2007. This assassination was supposed to end the dispute between Q and the FBI/CIA, but starting in 2009 the FBI again returned to illegal targeting of Q. Matthew Foster's karma comes back to haunt him in 2020 when in 2018 Q met an Alt-Qaeda operative named Anthony Quinn Warner who eventually attacked FBI Agent Foster on behalf of the Alt-Qaeda "lizard aliens" by exploding a truck bomb in downtown Nashville on Christmas day. Q warned of the imminent Alt-Qaeda attack upon Agent Foster by sending a Christmas-warning email to the entire federal judiciary of 2000+ Federal Judges which was filed by prosecutors in federal court in August of 2019 just days before the FBI was first notified about the Alt-Qaeda threats issued by Nashville Bomber (and while Q was subject to another illegal kidnapping in 2019). Alt-Qaeda "aliens" eventually carried out the attack upon FBI Agent Foster in 2020 to specifically punish him for the Baker Act report illegally targeting Q in 2005 with false and fabricated claims of "alien delusions." And that is how FBI Agent Foster's satanic karma came full circle.

Even after the Christmas Day bombing, the satanic karma of Matthew Foster continued to expand and provoke an "alien shootout" which took place in Broward County Florida just a few months after the Christmas Day attack. From February to June of 2021, Q was twice warned of the imminent murder of Khurrum Wahid's client and Christian Dunham's client, both of whom were killed by an LGBT-Qaeda demonic alien that was also being invoked against Q in Florida. The back-to-back murder of these two clients (of lawyers directly implicated in this scandal), additionally provoked an Alt-Qaeda retaliation upon the LGBT on 6/19/2021 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. What is interesting to note is that the redacted "Baker Act" report provided above is almost entirely fabricated by FBI Agent Foster, but in the course of this bizarre forgery taking place in 2005, he inexplicably inserts the words "aliens which allegedly touched him on his foot" into the Baker Act report even though Q never made any such a statement in that interview. By 2021, that same Alt-Qaeda alien who caused Matthew Foster to plant those fabricated statements into the Baker Act in 2005 would eventually return to engage a Christmas day bombing, and also to "touch the foot" of Fred Johnson Jr at the LGBT parade in 2021 (at which point his "foot slipped from the brake pedal, hit the gas, and was stuck behind the brake pedal involuntarily" as he ran over another LGBT named James Fahy. The LGBT responded to the parade attack by again invoking their LGBT-Qaeda demon to try and kill Q in Florida for successfully predicting these events, and their satanic sorcery backfired to cause a Florida 911 (which should technically be the end of this alien dispute which started with the NY 911 and came full circle to the FL 911, unless the LGBT again resort to continued illegal satanic sorcery to try and remain in control of the US government's illegal "alien" program). Q documented the imminent Florida 911 on an internet dream forum immediatly before it occured.

Due to the sensitive nature of this dispute, Unredacted versions of all documents/recordings available upon request from verified investigators.