Medina Boys
TNS & 78th Street

A Presidential Intelligence briefing issued to President George Bush on 8/6/2001 prior to 911 claimed that "a Bin Laden cell in New York was recruiting Muslim-American youth for attacks." This statement is referencing a secret illegal CIA/FBI/DEA operation targeting an organization known as the "Medina Boys," which was the largest Muslim street gang that was active in NY from 1990 until October of 2001 (when its public leader was kidnapped by the federal government following the 911 attacks). Medina Boys street gang (named after Medina restaurant on Broadway in Elmhurst) had approximately 150 members in Queens and was allied with another Muslim street gang out of Coney Island Brooklyn which had another approximately 100 members (making it the largest Muslim street gang in New York at the time). Medina Boys were also allied with TNS which had approximately ~250 members (mostly Latino), allied with 78th Street Boys which had approximately ~300 members (mostly Latino). When all groups were brought together it constituted a mega-gang of approximately 800-1000 members from the heart of Queens, [Corona, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Rego Park, Forest Hills] and also [Maspeth, Woodside, Sunnyside, Long Island City, Flushing, Fresh Meadows, Bayside, parts of Jamaica]. The Medina Boys were composed of approximately ~45% Pakistani, ~ 25% Bangladeshi, ~25% Afghani, ~5% other (as surprisingly there were only a few Arabs and other nationalities that were Muslim, to include Muslim Italians and Latinos). The Pakistani ISI financed the Medina Boys to target Indian businesses and functions in American all throughout the 1990s, lavishing the high-ranking members with cash, heroin, luxury cars, jewelry and more. At one point an associate of the gang was killed in a shootout with the NYPD. Q, Fooka, [M] and [S] led the Medina Boys for 5 years before Q quit in 1996 after his arrest in a falsified heroin case. Fooka and others used the Medina Boys to facilitate the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars of Taliban heroin, some of which eventually funded the 911 attacks. Many of the high-level traffickers frequented and did business inside and around the nightclubs and so hanging out in these environments was part of the scene (as everyone was constantly roaming the city and just having a daily ongoing party at clubs and various stash houses 7 days a week) In the course of those events there were countless shootouts and gang fights, even some murders. At the time when "Q" was making these recordings, his nickname was "M" which stands for "Medicine Man." M changed his nickname to Q starting in 2011.

Vid01 (1996) - Medina Boys - At 5:55 of Video#1 you see a short clip of Max Madrigal (RIP Max, assassinated by Frank Wisner in Costa Rica after agreeing to testify against the DEA). Max Madrigal was also a known hitman in the Q-boro mafia (hence his concern with appearing on video). You will also see several other high-ranking members of the various mafias of that time, just hanging out and having fun. Syed Farooq Ahmed (RIP Fooka) is also prominent throughout the videos and was subseqently assassinated by Pakistani ISI in Lahore after completing a mission in Abbotabad for Q (concerning a lead on Bin Laden's hideout location which turned out to be true).

Vid02 (1996) - Serial Rapist protected from arrest by DEA - In this recording you will see alleged "serial rapist" Mohamed Karimzada pick up a girl from Webster Hall. Q had heard rumors that Karimzada was possibly raping girls that he was picking up at these locations and so he provided these recordings to the DEA in 1996 in an effort to thwart those crimes. The DEA refused to arrest him in 1996 and permitted him to continue as a serial rapist until approximately 2003 (where the police failed to prevent some additional crimes that could have been prevented). Even after the prosecutors discovered the existence of these recordings, they still refused to introduce them into evidence at his trial and instead they spent nearly 2 decades covering up the fact that this was another of the many cases of violent crimes (to include murder) that they botched. Moral of the story: NEVER get into a car with anyone whom you do not know.

Vid03 (9/11/1996) - Kidnapped Bank Robber - This recording depicts the 4th kidnapping/interrogation that Q participated in since 1992. The kidnapping occured on 9/11/96 while Q was out on $150,000 bail (fighting a falsified federal case accusing him of importing $500,000 of heroin into the United States via Kennedy Airport). The event occured after a member of the Q-boro named John had picked up some girl in Astoria who claimed she did not have a place to stay for the night, so he brought her to one of the Q-boro stash houses and left. The next day while everyone was passed out in the living room, she left the bedroom and tried to sneak out the house with two beepers and a cellular phone (although Q was awake and saw her leave, so he immediately went to check the room where she slept and discovered that she stole the beepers and phones). Everyone ran down and we caught her on the street and dragged her back to the house to be interrogated. She eventually apologized for the failed robbery and admitted she was on parole for previously robbing a bank. Q released her without harm after she apologized profusely. If Q had not been there, she could have just as easily been seriously harmed or even killed for her crime, as two persons in that house were known mafia hitmen (one was Fooka, bald head and stripped shit, Pakistani ISI's main operative in the United States). "We can make pieces, put it in the garbage bags and throw it in the garbage." Q is making the recording, and other recordings made in this time period also document murders which have been illegally blocked from investigation/prosecution by every Presidential administration since Bill Clinton. A little over a year from when this recording was made, Bill Clinton's administration (Frank Wisner) placed Q into direct contact with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman as part of their attempt to guide their "sting operations" into the topic of terrorism.

Vid04 (6/11/1992) - Kidnapped Informant for the US Secret Service - This recording depicts the 1st kidnapping that Q engaged in 1992. There was a neighborhood kid named Domingo H. who was causing problems (he is approximately same age as Q in this video, which is made before Domingo grows up to become a federal informant with the US Secret Service). Q relayed the situation to two older mafia figures on the block, an Asian mafia hitman named Yoon and another White hitman named LB. By this time, Yoon had just returned to New York after killing a kid in Fayetteville North Carolina on 4/20/1992. Yoon and LB suggested that Q lure Domingo to his house by having a mutual friend convince him to try and rob it, and then we would all bust in and catch him in the act. Another friend of ours wanted to fight Domingo in a fair fight, so the plan was to demand that Domingo fight to obtain release from the kidnapping. We recruited a mutual friend named John Michael to approach Domingo with Q's house keys claiming that Q had left for Summer vacation and requesting assistance to burglarize Q's apartment. Domingo fell for the plot and broke into Q's apartment and was in the process of robbing it when Q returned with Yoon, LB and two other friends. When Q entered his home and Domingo heard them, Domingo ran into a closet in Q's bedroom and tried to hide. John Michael met everyone at the door and left (as if he was never there) and the mission was accomplished. Everyone went into the room and realized Domingo was hiding in the closet but we pretended like we didn't know he was there and just started hanging out. Domingo stayed hiding in that tiny cramped space in the closet for about 6 hours and when everyone left the room for a brief few seconds, he tried to make a break for the window but we caught him. That is when I turned on the camcorder to document it. Domingo was very lucky, because shortly into the kidnapping and interrogation, Yoon had pulled Q to the side and started to ask if Q had any garbage bags in the house. When Q asked him why, his response was chilling. Q immediatly shut it down and insisted that no harm come to Domingo. Domingo was forced to fight a fair one with Q's friend to leave the home. After Domingo got punched a few times in the face, Q felt bad for him and allowed him to leave. On his way out, Domingo tried to lunge at our friend John Michael (who set him up) and ripped his shirt and chain before we grabed Domingo and threw him. Then Yoon held Domingo as John Michael gave him the smack of all smacks, and we kicked Domingo out the house. He was lucky that Yoon was overruled. Domingo would later become an informant for the US Secret Service after being caught in a counterfeit money case. He would snitch and imprison a kid named Oliver who was the younger brother of Shorty from 43rd (TNS). Approximately 2 weeks after this kidnapping, Yoon would recruit Q to participate in a mafia hit that was ordered upon a Columbian drug dealer named Gustavo (by another neighborhood drug dealer named Mauricio). Q would instead save Gustavo's life by thwarting the assassination plot.

The second kidnapping that Q participated in was not recorded (the kidnapping of Daniel from Lefrak), and the third is rated NC-21 as it involves 3 Pakistani heroin dealers who were kidnapped and held in captivity for several days before released (as part of a drug robbery).

Approximately ~51 hours of gang video footage was recorded over period of 6 years (1991-1997)