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US Attorney General Ramsey Clark

Ramsey Clark

UPDATE: Former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark was departed on 4/16/2021 just as the walls were closing in on him to disclose the identity of his handler in the Wisner organization (in the lead-up to the 20-year aniversary of the 911 attacks).

2013-07-18 phone call: In this conversation between Q and Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Q confronted Clark about refusing to subpoena video recordings documenting the illegal physical abuse of his client Sheikh Rahman which took place at FMC Rochester in Minnesota from 1998-2201 (thereby causing the 911 revenge attack on the World Trade Center towers in New York). At 6:20 in the above recording, Clark refers to these crucial video recordings of the abuse of Sheikh Rahman (which document the very reason for the 911 attacks) by stating "I didn't think we needed them." These recordings were critical to his client's defense, and it is illegal for an attorney to deliberately sabotage the defense of his client as part of an overarching plot by others to provoke the 911 attacks (and then cover up the provocations after). The abuse of Sheikh Rahman is a direct reason why the 911 attacks occurred the way they did because the secret leader of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan (whom Q was in contact with both before and after the 911 attacks and all the way up until 2016) is alleging that inclusion of the World Trade Center towers in the final target list was done out of revenge for the imprisonment and abuse of Sheikh Rahman (or else all planes were originally intended to only target Washington DC and surrounding government infrastructure). This fact about the 911 plot is being covered up in a joint conspiracy between Al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan and FBI/CIA in America is because the coverup benefits both parties (although it benefits America more, which is why the Pakistani side of the conspiracy is collapsing quicker than the American side). The American government conspired with other governments to lie about the origin of the 911 attacks in order to spread false claims alleging the Islamic religious texts (the Quran/Hadith) are ultimately responsible (when this is a horrific slander). The dispute which resulted in the 911 attacks was waged between various militant religious mafia organizations (to include the FBI/CIA) that spilled out into the public. The actual person who ordered the 911 attack to was not Osama Bin Laden, but rather a Pakistani ISI figure and purported member of the Shiite religious sect (although The Investigation has not yet discovered any proof that Iranian government was directly involved in his activities). FBI/CIA devils thereby made an illegal secret pact with the Pakistani devil to accept the payment of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran as compensation for giving Pakistan a pass on the 911 attacks. In the end, America attacked every country in the Middle East (and was about to illegally nuke Iran if Trump had won a second term) other than to stand up to their own associates in Pakistani ISI which did attack New York City on 911 (simply because Pakistan has nukes to protect their various messianic betrayals).

2013-09-27 recording: This is a snippet of a conversation with Ramsey Clark which took place inside his home, immediately after Q was released from an illegal arrest engaged by a direct friend of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance (Q was later acquitted of the charge in 2015). In this conversation we are also discussing the illegal beatings of Sheikh Rahman in the prison in Minnesota, which occurred in front of numerous other Muslim inmates and was also video recorded by the prison officials directly. The remaining recordings with Ramsey Clark thereby confirm that he was placed on Sheikh Rahman's defense team as a spy sent to deliberately sabotage his defense (either voluntarily or via illegal threats from FBI, he has never fully explained the reasons). Ramsey Clark refused to investigate this abuse of the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda (before 911 even occurred), despite the fact that numerous independent witnesses and video recordings corroborate the fact that the prison guards in Rochester Minnesota are directly responsible for the ultimate re-targeting of the World Trade Center by Al-Qaeda). If the prison guards at FMC Rochester had not engaged the illegal physical abuse of Sheikh Rahman, the 911 style-plot would have likely still targeted the White House, Pentagon, and other government buildings in that immediate vicinity (which would have resulted in a much smaller civilian death toll, although the entirety of the attack is clearly illegal under Islamic law because civilians are not permitted to be killed as part of the illegal warfare occurring between mafias based out of America and Pakistan).

Due to the sensitive nature of this dispute, unredacted versions of all documents/recordings available upon request from verified investigators.