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Will Sommer


Email chain confirming Will Sommer is covering up the true story behind "pizzagate" since February 26th, 2010 because "I have a lot of gay friends I don't want to insult by pretending there's any homosexual agenda."

Will Sommer is a high-level operative of the gaytheism religious sect who currently works for the Daily Beast. He first started covering up the true story behind the "pizzagate" scandal since February 26th, 2010 based upon his claim that the gays will be "offended" if the story leaks. By 2011, Q abandoned trying to leak the story in the mainstream media because everyone was responding in the same way (fear of the gays to the point that they won't even attempt to investigate the story), and so Q instead leaked it online during a blog war with Clinton/Trumps people which took place from 2013 until 2016 (when Q was kidnapped by FBI prior to the election). As a result of the blog war, Trump's people leaked the "pizzagate" in October 2016 and once Will Sommers realized that the "pizzagate" was actually a coded leak of the original story that was provided to him by Q since 2010 (which he refused to investigate), he then immediatly started writing books and doing HBO series attempting to discredit the "qanon" followers as being delusional for accusing Clinton of being involved in sex crimes (when the entire story is true and Sommers knew about it since 2010).