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American School of Tangier
Yahya Rouach

Yahya Rouach


6-18-2014: This is a snippet of a conversation with Yahya Rouach (the artist who crafted the box for the Wu-Tang Secret Album), and the attorney for an organization based out of Wilmington, Delaware (run by the Moroccan/American governments). We are discussing how the 2012 election was rigged in favor of Obama via an agreement I reached with the Wilmington Mafia (which included compensation of $170,000 and a promise to transfer a terrorism suspect from US to Egyptian custody no later than 2013 after Obama secured his second term). After I made my deal with the organization, another member of the organization sent an extortion email demanding 2 million euros to also cover up their crimes, and then he lied and claimed that I hacked his email account and sent the email myself. He then recruited his direct friend Cyrus Vance (the Manhattan District Attorney) to accuse me of hacking, stalking, threats and hate crime offenses as part of their attempt to cover-up the botched extortion attempt. I defended myself without an attorney and they refused to go to trial because the case was obviously false and the trial would have collapsed any chance for Hillary Clinton to run in 2016.