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911 Attacks

On February 26th, 1993, a group of terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in New York City (killing 6 people). As a result of that attack, the CIA and FBI orchestrated for an Egyptian religious scholar named Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (the "Blind Sheikh") to be illegally framed as the alleged "mastermind" of the attack in order to provoke his religious followers in Middle East to engage more attacks. If that was not enough, the FBI then orchestrated for Sheikh Rahman to be systematically and illegally abused by prison guards in order to further provoke his followers to attack America. As a result of the kidnapping and abuse of Sheikh Rahman in the federal prisons, his followers then returned to attack the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 to specifically avenge the abuse of Sheikh Rahman in prison. Immediately after 911, all of Sheikh Rahma's followers in Al-Qaeda were then kidnapped or killed (to include Osama Bin Laden) to cover up the fact that the reason why WTC was selected as part of the target list for 911, was specifically to avenge Sheikh Rahman.

This recording is between "Q" (from the Q-Boro movement) and Sheikh Rahman's lawyer Ramsey Clark on 2013-07-18@3:10pm, where Clark admits that he is a participant in the cover up of the physical abuse of Sheikh Rahman (in order to keep the American public from learning the actual reasons for the 911 attack). Q was imprisoned with Sheikh Rahman for six months in 1998, and he directly witnessed the physical abuse of Sheikh Rahman at a prison called FMC Rochester (in Minnesota). When Q was released from imprisonment in 1999, he made numerous attempts to contact Sheikh Rahman's attorneys to notify them of the illegal abuse of their client (but they refused to respond). When the 911 attacks occurred, Q was aware that the selection of the WTC towers was done to avenge Sheikh Rahman, and so he went to the FBI to report the crimes he witnessed leading up to 911 (to include the terrorist sleeper cell that was operating in New York and threatening to engage an attack to punish America for the illegal abuse of Sheikh Rahman). The FBI refused to speak to Q about these crimes, and instead threatened to kill him if he kept speaking about this scandal. At the same time, Sheikh Rahman's attorneys were also refusing to speak to Q for years while they continued to cover it all up.

Q was finally able to engage recorded conversations with Ramsey Clark about this scandal starting in 2013. Even though Ramsey Clark was informed that video-recordings of Sheikh Rahman's abuse were made by the prison officials at FMC Rochester (and also witnessed by approximately 20 other Muslim inmates), Clark then refused to subpoena the recordings and contact the other witnesses in order to expose and restrain the illegal abuse of his client, Sheikh Rahman (and confirm the actual reasons for the targeting of a civilian WTC as part of the final target list). At 5:55 to 7:00 you can hear Q confront Ramsey Clark about is obvious failure to retrieve evidence that helps his own client, and he starts to fumble and fails to explain why he refused to do his job. This is direct evidence that the FBI and CIA had infiltrated Sheikh Rahman's defense team by giving him attorneys that would betray him for the FBI if necessary. The FBI illegally used Sheikh Rahman as a tool by which to provoke 911 and blame the entire Islamic religion as being responsible (yet this scandal documenting the real reason for 911 still covered up 21 years later).