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The Investigation

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WARNING : This site is not suitable for viewing by anyone under 21 years old. DO NOT respond to the information contained on this website with any form of violence or illegal activity whatsoever or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone who responds to the information contained on this website with ANY criminal activity, is obviously working for the very FBI whose crimes are being documented on this site. The information contained on this website is solely for the purpose of alerting responsible investigators to an ongoing false-flag terrorism conspiracy run by the FBI (for awareness to be raised and for a lawful, non-violent investigation of these crimes to be conducted by whatever authorities that are able to arrest the FBI). The Investigation is reported on by "Q" of Spaghetti Park, Corona Queens (Q-Boro), New York City, which is not to be confused with the Q-Anon psyops secretly run by Clinton/Trump pedophile mafias (to obstruct the Q-Boro Investigation). The evidence posted on this website is authentic as it is illegal under 18 U.S.C. §1038 to publish forged recordings & documents involving actual people. Q is not anonymous as he provides his direct on this website (Clinton/Trump supporters still suffering from Q-Anon psychosis are prohibited from contacting Q). "Q" refers to anyone whose heart belongs to the Borough of Queens, New York City. WE ARE ALL Q.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: On 3/12/2012, the Moroccan & American governments (via Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel) made oral and written promises to the Q-Boro (along with another $111,111.11 payment to Ambassador Q) where they also promised not to "incite, encourage, suggest or promote, in any way, any action by any individuals or group to attack, harm, hurt, damage or injure [Q], either through legal means in Morocco and/or America or through the media. Nor will [Morocco & America] cooperate, aid, assist or participate in any effort to attack, harm, hurt, damage or injure [Q] ... [Morocco & America] expressly agree that a breach of any of the promises and covenants made by them in this Agreement, including the filing of a lawsuit or a criminal complaint against [Q], shall be considered a material breach of the terms of this Agreement." Immediatly after the peace treaty was reached between Ambassador Gabriel and Ambassador Q, Gabriel then breached both the oral (secret) and written (public) agreements and launched a media smear campaign falsley accusing Q of numerous felony crimes (to include threats, hacking, espionage & terrorism) and also filing three additional false criminal complaints against Q in 2013, 2016 and 2019 (also in breach of the agreement) to bring down Q's websites so he is silenced from reporting on these unprecedented crimes. The Moroccan/American government mafias continue to threaten Q with death if he does not remove this website from the internet.

BACKGROUND: In 1987 (when Q was just 12 years old), he was recruited by the CIA into the most lethal pedophile terrorism mafia on Earth, the American School of Tangier (AST). After Q completed his first semester of the 7th Grade at the school, the Headmaster of the school, Joseph McPhillips, attempted to sexually molest him. Q and his father reported the assault, but the highest levels of the American & Moroccan governments acted to cover it up. Q immediatly returned to Queens, NYC (Q-Boro) to begin his training with Spaghetti Park in preparation for his return to Morocco to bring justice to Joe. Members of the CIA who were sympathetic to exposing the crimes of AST also helped train Q until he was finally able to return to Morocco 20 years later and assassinate Joe by throwing him down a flight of stairs at his home in Tangier, Morocco on June 11th, 2007. When Joe's supporters at AST found out about the assassination, they launched a new campaign to target Q (from 2009 to present) starting with the filing of a false terrorism complaint against Q with the King of Morocco accusing Q of treasonous espionage against their pedomafia (more evidence relevant to the case can be found here). The "Rated G" version of the dispute then resulted in an illegal election-rigging conspiracy run by CIA & FBI which took place in full view of the public from 2012-2020.

The Board of Directors for AST is comprised of numerous government mafia kingpins to include Frank G. Wisner II, who is the son of the co-founder of the CIA, Frank Gardiner Wisner. Frank Gardiner Wisner is also the godfather of the illegal KRONOS high-technology program (a messianic offshoot of the DARPA Agency) and other CIA black-ops to include MK Ultra, Bluebird, Mockingbird, Artichoke. As a result of Q's dispute with AST, he was eventually made the principle target of their KRONOS high-technology program after he devised above-CIA level techniques to investigate numerous scandals resulting from the illegal KRONOS conspiracy that controls them all (the most lethal being the 911 scam and related coverup of ESP aka "remote viewing" technologies). Ronald Reagan was the first US President to allude to the existence of the KRONOS high-technology program in a speech given to the UN General Assembly on September 21st, 1987 (the same month Q was lured into enrolment at AST).

Q started public reporting on The Q-Boro Investigation in January 2013 by publishing a whistleblower website (Spaghettigate) at (and a corresponding steganography-coded website for the hacker community at to discuss this AST Hillary Clinton-backed pedomafia affiliated with a world-renowned restaurant in Morocco. The FBI illegally kidnapped Q into federal prison starting March 2016, and by September 2016 they used the unlawful imprisonment to bring down his websites (in support of Clinton's presidency over Trump). Yet by October 2016, leakers in the CIA responded to this FBI crime by viralizing a "Pizzagate" hoax on the internet alleging that Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring out of a popular restaurant in Washington DC (and that Trump was here to save the world from it). That leak caused FBI Director James Comey to panic and report a false investigation of Clinton emails just days before the election (to try and distance himself from the Clinton spaghettigate scandal after being spooked by the nearly identical pizzagate hoax). This series of strategic leaks which occured immediatly prior to the 2016 election were enough to sway victory back over to Trump in certain key states, allowing him to win the presidency (while still losing the popular vote). Trump is fully aware that he was the recipient of a rigged election in 2016 and thus he has no legal reason to complain about the valid ballot outcome of 2020. Although the FBI & CIA rigged many previous American elections through strategic suppression and/or leaking of scandals, the November 2022 election is the first one in America's history where the conditions of this unprecedented scandal have finally ripened to force FBI to hack the voting machines just to survive as an agency (or else they will be disbanded).

TERRORISM ASPECTS OF THE SCANDAL: The CIA illegally recruited Q to infiltrate Al-Qaeda since 1991 and as a result, Al-Qaeda provides Q with tips on imminent terrorist attacks which he then publishes to warn the public (even through the FBI refuses to restrain them). Court filing by "Q" on 2/24/2016 (original "Q" Queens College-themed logo upper right) warning of the imminent Pulse Nightclub Massacre. THIS IS NOT A HOAX. Q has confirmed (since 2016) that both Al-Qaeda and ISIS are being run by the FBI directly (after they conducted a coup within the KRONOS program to take over control of these groups from the CIA). Q provides the following additional sample documents generated by this scandal (previously submitted to the federal courts which have also acted to illegally cover it all up):

The following AST ARCHIVE provides sample documents which cover various AST scandals that started to go public in 2008-2009 (while the more serious scandals remain suppressed).

The following ED GABRIEL ARCHIVE provides sample documents relating to Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel, Hillary Clinton's campaign advisor in 2016 and the FBI's "front man" in this scandal since approximately 2008. As a result of the FBI illegal hacking of the Q-Boro, a retaliatory hack of Ed Gabriel was conducted to release portions of this archive.

The following TERROR ARCHIVE provides sample documents relating to how the CIA & FBI rigged the 911 attacks and other scandals related to their sting operations against Q and others.

The following HISTORICAL ARCHIVE provides sample documents relating to how the FBI "COINTELPRO" operation against Q's father (starting since 1967) eventually led to the FBI, CIA and DEA rigging the 911 attacks (and other agency-ending scandals).

The following DELAWARE ARCHIVE provides sample documents relating to how the AST corporation, FBI and federal judiciary attempted to rig the 2016 election by kidnapping Q on a false "threat" charge to prevent him from travelling to the Middle East to conduct a press conference exposing the crimes of Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election.

The following Q-BORO ARCHIVE provides sample documents relating to the neighborhood where Q grew up and became a gang leader in various Queens street gangs and mafias that dominated the entire New York City area from the 1980s until after 911 when the CIA, FBI and DEA began to target dozens of Q's closest friends with federal indictments (as part of their illegal "fruit of the poison tree" plot to try and control the Q-Boro).

The above archives contain only summarized descriptions and samples of evidence which have already been submitted to federal courts (as the FBI continues to threaten terrorism against the entire globe if any attempt is made by the public to dismantle them for committing these heinous crimes against humanity). The documents are merely provided to prove they exist (and that this scandal is not a hoax), and to give a bare-minimum summary of some of the unprecedented issues which have arisen during the course of the Q-Boro investigation (which clearly confirms that the current non-democratic structure of the federal government is illegal).

Crime & Karma

Q-Boro vs P-Anon: This website will continue to publish information about KRONOS and its P-Anon (Pedophiles Anonymous) operatives in the CIA, FBI, State Department, AST, Hollywood, the Media and other industries (who continue to threaten violence against Q, his family, and the public). As a result of these illegal and credible terroristic threats issued by the evil doers, Q is limited in what he can publish unless the FBI is restrained and/or disbanded and thus no longer able to follow through on their illegal threats. Any kidnapping or death of Q prior to the 2022 election is almost certainly confirmed to be the result of deliberate assassination conducted directly by the FBI (who already tried to kill Q on several occasions since 911 and have failed thus far). There is no other group on Earth (at this point in this long-term dispute) that has a motive to kill Q other than the FBI. The following are excerpts from the archive (in random order):

The archive contains thousands of recordings
Updates will be made when possible