DEA Frameup 1996

Judge Edward R. Korman of the Eastern District of New York presides over a "Fatico hearing" conducted by the feds as part of their 1996 plot to imprison Q on a false drug charges. Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel S. Dorsky relies upon DEA informant Asfand Ghazi to try and false-imprison Q for a minimum 10 years imprisonment (and up to 40 years). The feds were aware that Ghazi's testimony was false but still encouraged him to lie under oath (while covering up homicides that Q offered to solve as part of their unprecedented plot to frame him). This false drug case was then used by DEA, CIA and FBI to illegally imprison Q with Sheikh Rahman (the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda) as part of their continued attempts to entrap Q into a false terrorism case (on the path to the false-flag 911 attacks).

1) Federal Hearing January 1997 - Direct Examination of Pakistani ISI Informer
2) Federal Hearing January 1997 - Cross Examination of Pakistani ISI Informer
3) Federal Hearing January 1997 - Direct/Cross of DEA Agent Donald Baily
4) Federal Hearing January 1997 - Closing arguments
5) Federal Hearing January 1997 - Sentencing