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Mumbai Massacre

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Approximately January 1994, members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Pakistan successfully smuggled 1 kilogram of pure heroin into New York City through Kennedy Airport. The courier who smuggled it was named Mohammad Syed (a Pakistani America from Jersey City, New Jersey). When Mr. Syed attempted to sell the drugs on January 28th, 1994, he was lured to a vacant lot on East 164th street and Stebbins ave in the Bronx and murdered by a hitman from the Maisonet organization as part of a drug robbery.

Q was very against the murder of Mr. Syed after he learned about it (and why it happened), so he made several attempts to report that crime to the DEA from 1994 to 1996 without any success. Then on February 14th, 1996, the DEA arrested Q on fabricated drug charges concerning another shipment of heroin intercepted at Kennedy Airport. Q again took that opportunity to offer the DEA a chance to solve the murder, and again they immediately shut down the interview and refused to talk to Q about it. Q has never again been permitted to speak to any federal official about any of these murders since that time (and continuing to present).

Several months after DEA blocked Q from being allowed to provide information about the Syed murder, Q wired up his car with a secret recording device to try and capture recorded confessions from participants in the murders. Several months later he was finally able to record a mafia Kingpin named Raoul Campana admitting his involvement with the Syed murder (and also another plot to assassinate a witness to the murder named Abid Chaudhry who was hiding out in Pakistan). After Q again offered the above recordings of the Syed murder to the DEA immediately after recording them, the DEA again refused to meet with Q and they instead proceeded upon their plot to unlawfully imprison him.

The investigation and prosecution of the Mohamed Syed murder (and numerous other unsolved murders and terrorism crimes witnessed by Q) have been obstructed by police ever since the event in 1987 when Q first attempted to report McPhillips for trying to molest him in Morocco (proving that the 1996 drug case fabricated against Q by DEA was part of the same criminal conspiracy originally launched against Q by the CIA in Morocco since 1987). The Syed murder was finally confirmed by NYPD Homicide Detective Anthony Scalia as related to a sleeper cell of terrorist sympathizers & narco-financers associated with Daoud Gilani aka David Headley, the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai Massacre. As the NYPD emails confirm, the suspects in the Mohammad Syed murder are members of Headley's heroin trafficking operation back in Pakistan. Headley oversaw multiple drug distribution networks from the 1990s until 2001, and these RICO (i.e. Continuing Criminal Enterprise - CCE) conspiracies resulted in several of these early Al-Qaeda murder investigations being obstructed by the DEA, CIA, FBI, and NYPD since 1994 (decades thus far). Headley was finally arrested just two months after the NYPD tipped off Q to the information in the Syed murder file (confirming the link to Headley). The obstruction of the Mohamed Syed murder remains one of the most tragic missed opportunities by the DEA to prevent both the 911 attacks and also the Mumbai Massacre.

00:00-20:10 - November 3rd, 1996 Conversation between Q and Raoul Mauricio Campana
20:10-51:17 - November 4th, 1996 Conversation between Q and Raoul Mauricio Campana

After Q was subjected to this arrest and falsified drug prosecution by the DEA and Assistant Unites States Attorney Daniel Seth Dorsky (of the Eastern District of New York) in 1996, he would later discover it was all part of a conspiracy to place him into direct contact with the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (the "Blind Sheikh"). The DEA, CIA & FBA all decided to convert their drug stings against Q into terrorism stings in the hopes of making bigger headlines. Q never agreed to participate in terrorism so the sting operations failed, but not without Q witnessing some non-public details about the 911 attacks (and who was actually behind them). Immediately after 911 when Q attempted to go back to the DEA to once again provide all this information, he was immediately confronted with terrorism and other violence threats coming directly from the feds (to silence Q under threat of bioterrorism against entire Middle East if the secret is exposed - a very credible threat from the CIA & FBI mafias that were making it).

Years later Q would do his own research on the murder and link it directly to the Al-Qaeda he already witnessed to be operating in New York from 1991 until 911 and beyond (which are all being protected from arrest by FBI & CIA). After Q discovered what Dorsky was hiding from him back in 1996, he called Dorsky to threaten him with exposure of his crimes (as follows):