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Serial Killer
South Florida

Q discovered the case of Jorge Aponte Figueroa in 2019 while investigating a suicide scandal at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida (after the Trump/Biden Administration kidnapped Q into that facility as part of their plot to try and rig the 2020 election). Jorge aka "Drip" was bragging to Q and others about having killed approximately 5-8 people in South Florida over several years, and so Q decided to investigate his claims to see if they were true. The recording contains snippets of Q's investigation of Aponte, to include when Q confronted Aponte regarding his attempts to sell details of a triple homicide he committed to other inmates (so he could buy drugs while imprisoned). Once the FBI discovered that Q had already cracked the case of Aponte's numerous unsolved homicides, they immediately resorted to blocking all investigation of these unsolved murders and threatening Q not to testify (by sending subpoenas to invade all his accounts just for publishing this information to the public in violation of Q's First Amendment rights as an investigative journalist). The illegal FBI subpoena (and Q's response, adopted from a Project Veritas motion covering identical legal issues) can be found here.

The FBI has a history of illegally invading Q's privacy anytime he solves a crime before they do. God does not like ugly, so he retaliated against the FBI by removing their corrupted judge from the case.

00:00-02:20 News story about unsolved triple homicide apparently committed by Aponte
02:20-21:15 Witness testimony of story given by Aponte admitting to the murders
21:15-25:35 Aponte confronted with the triple homicide and stating "I'm beating that too"

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In the above video, Q testifies in the "Serial Killer South Florida" case (guest appearance from Dayana of the VH1 reality show "Cartel Crew"). FBI retaliated against Q for testifying by sending an illegal subpoena to invade his internet accounts. Q filed a motion with the Judge to enforce his First Amendment rights as a journalist and quash the unlawful subpoena, and the Judge violated the First Amendment by refusing to quash the subpoena. Q was then forced to file a “Motion to Recuse” and she was removed from the case.

Who says "aliens" are against the First Amendment? They believe in it more than SCOTUS ever could.