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South Florida

ABOVE: Q and baby-faced Miami serial killer Jorge Aponte Figueroa discussing uncharged murders he openly brags about

Additional recordings:
YOUTUBE Federal Attorney confirms Aponte's crimes
YOUTUBE Q discovers unsolved triple homicide fitting the Aponte confession
YOUTUBE Q interviews former cellmates of Aponte who confirm his crimes
YOUTUBE Q convincing Aponte to confess to his murders
YOUTUBE FBI debriefing of suspect in the Aponte murders
YOUTUBE Court hearing in the Aponte case

UPDATE:Federal Prosecutor Alejandra Lopez files falsified court pleadings alleging that Q offered to pay Aponte to testify he was the leader/organizer of a pawn shop robbery allegedly committed by his co-defendant Jonathan Cruz. The relevant clips from the conversation referenced by Prosecutor Lopez instead confirms that Q was offering to pay Aponte to confess his murders directly to the FBI (instead of other inmates). It is not illegal to offer a reward for information about unsolved homicides, or to pay someone for the rights to tell their story (except for civil laws that prevent a defendant from profiting off telling their story). The reason why Federal Prosecutors and the FBI are lying on the public court record about Q's attempts to get Aponte to confess his crimes is because they have made a decision to coverup all other murders committed by Aponte simply because Q solved the case before the FBI did. Anytime Q solves a murder before Federal authorities, they resort to obstructing all further investigation just to prevent Q from obtaining credit for solving it. These illegal attacks against Q and his journalism activities have been occurring since the 1990s when Q first started recording murder confessions. The most scandalous murder confession recorded by Q occurred in 1996 (concerning the narco-terrorism related murder of Mohammed Syed in Bronx NY), and that murder case is still being obstructed by federal authorities since 1994 (when Q first attempted to report it to the DEA). Prosecutor Lopes also convinces Federal Judge James Cohn to issue an unlawful takedown order to youtube asking them to remove the FBI debriefing video provided above from youtube in violation of Q's right to publish newsworthy FBI scandals to the public (whereby Q filed an appeal to 11th Circuit and Judge Cohn sealed it on the public record to continue the unlawful censorship).

BACKGROUND:Q discovered the case of baby-faced Miami serial killer Jorge Aponte Figueroa in 2019 while investigating a suicide scandal at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida (after the Trump/Biden Administration kidnapped Q into that facility as part of their plot to try and rig the 2020 election). Jorge aka "Drip" was bragging to Q and others about having killed approximately 5-8 people in South Florida over several years, and so Q decided to investigate his claims to see if they were true. Q eventually befriends Jonathan Cruz, a target of Aponte investigation. Cruz once dated Dayana from the VH1 reality TV show "Cartel Crew" and also appeared in some music videos, and so for those petty reasons the FBI saw him as a "big fish" to frame in all these murders committed by Aponte (even though Cruz had no knowledge of them until after he was arrested). Dayana even testified at a Federal Court hearing on behalf of Jonathan Cruz as can be seen here. Once the FBI discovered that Q had already cracked the case of Aponte's numerous unsolved homicides, they immediately resorted to obstructing all the cases and issuing illegal threats to arrest Q if he continues to leak information about them to the public (or if Q testifies about the scandal at any court hearing).

From 2019 to 2022, baby-faced Miami serial killer Jorge Aponte bragged to many people at FDC Miami that he committed a home invasion robbery and triple homicide in 2016 where he kept changing the details by stating the victims were (1) either Cuban, Puerto Rican or Black, and (2) that the amount of money he stole was either $20,000, $60,000 or $120,000, and (3) that is happened in either Miami, West Palm Beach or Broward County. Even despite Jorge's various decoy injections and obfuscations to try and keep everyone guessing, there were still several critical details he kept consistent enough to thereby place him on the hook for the crime (to include details only the murderers could know as triple homicides are not common occurrences). The consistent details are that he specifically kills two males and a female (the entire family located inside the home). Before he kills them, Aponte ties up one of the males before discovering that the money was hidden in and/or around a freezer/refrigerator (which may have been tampered with at the scene). Aponte also confirms that one of the male victims owns a Black Mercedes Benz he parks in front of the house. After some research on the internet, Q was able to find at least one unsolved South Florida home-invasion triple homicide involving two male victims and a female victim (with one of the males tied up), and a picture with the victim's black Mercedes parked in front of the house.

The real scandal is that FBI apparently discovered Aponte and his crew had committed the triple homicide as early as December 2016 but still refused to arrest them. The reason why is shocking. When the FBI identified Aponte and his crew as suspects in the triple homicide, they also discovered that Aponte was friends with another federal target named Jonathan Cruz was also friends with various South Florida celebrities (who were also targets of federal criminal investigations in the past). As a result of Aponte being friends with Cruz, the FBI then became star struck in wanting to frame Cruz as the “mastermind” and “bossman” of the triple homicide (when Cruz was not aware of these crimes). Even though the FBI had enough evidence to arrest Aponte and his crew immediately, they DID NOT have enough evidence to arrest Cruz and so they instead put Aponte and Cruz under surveillance while trying to build the “bigger” case against Cruz (which was all based upon a false belief that Cruz was responsible for ordering the triple homicide committed by Aponte).

The FBI refusal to arrest Aponte because of a desire to build a case against Cruz thereby resulted in the Aponte crew being permitted to commit another murder on January 5th, 2017 during a pawn shop robbery. Florida Detectives and the FBI again immediately linked a fingerprint found on the scene of the Jan 5th murder to Aponte's friend and STILL did not act to arrest the crew because their case against Cruz was still weak and so they again permitted Aponte to remain on the streets while they continued to try an build their “mastermind” case against Cruz. This resulted in Aponte committing yet another brutal murder (of an innocent Uber driver he helped carjack) on May 24th, 2017. Once the FBI botched the case and realized that their obsession with trying to build their “mastermind” case against Cruz had resulted in allowing at least two additional preventable homicides to occur in 2017, they immediately destroyed all evidence of their investigation of the Aponte crew since December 2016 and instead created a false starting point for their investigation as occurring after the Uber murder was committed. This illegal FBI strategy is called “parallel construction” and it is done to avoid having to turn over discovery to defendants concerning the actual origin of an investigation (because the evidence is exculpatory).

Q's investigation thereby demonstrates that the FBI botched this case by permitting at least one (possibly two) additional preventable homicides to occur in 2017 as part of their overzealous fanatic obsession to try and implicate various South Florida celebrities as being involved with these crimes (despite all their theories being proven false). The FBI then decided to charge the 2017 murders as part of a federal indictment against Aponte and Cruz, while covering up all prior murders commited by Aponte specifically because they then became exculpatory to the false “mastermind” charges being made against Cruz. The FBI thereby convicted Aponte on the 2017 Uber murder to ensure he cannot be released from prison, but then they covered up all the prior murders committed by Aponte in order to keep their illegal “parallel construction” case against Cruz viable. At one point when Q had convinced Aponte to merely confess all his uncharged murders directly to the public, the FBI attempted to sabotage the confession by sending word to Aponte that he still has a chance to win his appeal of the Uber murder conviction and gain release from prison if he DOES NOT confess his remaining uncharged crimes to Q. Florida Crime Stoppers is offering a $12,000 reward for information that solves the triple homicide (and another homicide related to it), but when Q offered Aponte reward money to provide information that solves these murders, the FBI and Federal Prosecutors retaliated by falsely accusing Q of committing felony federal obstruction & perjury to threaten him with imprisonment for trying to solve some murders that they themselves are illegally obstructing. This is a perfect case study on how (and why) the FBI becomes willing to commit any crime, from obstruction to kidnapping to murder, to coverup their misconduct (no matter what the cost to the victims of these crimes).

The numerous unsolved homicides of Aponte are also corroborated by Federal Attorney G.P. Della Fera who finally confirmed inside knowledge of the murders (obtained from his federal associates in 2022), which matched information already obtained by Q since 2019 (which Q never shared with him), as follows:

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