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The Swift Effect

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This is a snippet of a conversation between Q and high-profile terrorism attorney Charles Swift, discussing the 911 scandal involving Sheikh Rahman (the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda who was imprisoned with Q in 1998). Charles Swift appears as a defense attorney for several terrorism defendants directly linked to the Q-Boro investigation, to include Tahawwur Rana (Daoud Gilani aka David Headley's codefendant in the Mumbai Massacre case), and also Noor Salman (defendant in the Pulse Nightclub Attack committed by the same terrorist leader that Q has been investigating since before the 911 attacks).

The 911 scandal is part of a series of betrayals and failures of the KRONOS program leading up to exactly what Q predicted in this conversation, which is an obvious increase in the "price at the pump" as the only safe way for the rest of the world to force the United States to abandon their failed KRONOS program and return to focusing on human problems (rather than killing billions to try and solve "alien puzzles" that are not for them to solve).