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Wu Tang

This conversation takes place between Q, Yahya Rouach (creator of the ornate silver box for Wu-Tang secret album produced by Cilvaringz), and also Charles Kresslein (attorney for Clinton Puppetmaster Ambassador Ed Gabriel).

The discussion concerns an attempt by a pedophile named Mark Simpson to extort 2 million euros from the Clinton-backed AST organization run by Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel (who is referred to as "Ed" in the conversation). The disgruntled pedophile named Simpson had sent "anonymous" death threats to Q in order to incite him to respond with counter threats. When Q responded, Simpson then recruited his friend Cyrus Vance (the Manhattan District Attorney investigating Trump) to aid his extortion plot by filing a false criminal "threat" case against Q. The entire scam fell apart as soon as the original "anonymous" death threats sent to Q were traced directly to the home address of Mark Simpson (resulting in the prosecutors dismissing the case). Clinton mafia then attempted to coverup these continued crimes against Q by filing another false case in 2016.