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Clinton Mafia

This is a snippet of a 2010 conversation between Q (of Q-Boro, Spaghetti Park) and Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel (of the Clinton mafia) discussing a confidentiality agreement used to rig the 2012 election (Q has several incriminating recorded conversations with Ed). Gabriel was Hillary Clinton's main campaign advisor and also the individual who orchestrated for the Wilmington Delaware FBI to kidnap Q as part of Clinton's attempt to rig the 2016 election. The Q-Boro "Spaghettigate" scandal (which was posted online from 2013-2016) involves Ed Gabriel, Frank Wisner and Mohamed Zkhiri (of Yacout Restaurant in Marrakesh, Morocco), and is the source material for the copycat Q-Anon "Pizzagate" scandal that was leaked immediately prior to the 2016 election (alleging that the Clinton pedophile ring was instead operating out of "Comet Ping Pong" Restaurant in Washington DC.