The Consul

Rest in Peace Mohamed Zkhiri, the Honorary British Consul. In this conversation, Q and Zkhiri are discussing the American School of Tangier pedophile scandal that eventually resulted in the "Pizzagate" hoax. Zkhiri was a good friend of Hillary Clinton (and numerous other VIP) and also the owner of Yacout Restaraunt, which is rumored to be one of the top five restaurants in the entire world (by all the elite). Although Q does not have any evidence to suggest that children were being trafficked out of the restaurant, the location was indeed a meeting place of high-level Hollywood and government elites (some of whom were pedophiles). The scandal involving Zkhiri and Yacout Restaurant was being leaked by Q online from 2013-2016 as the Spaghetti Park "Spaghettigate" scandal before it was repackaged by Trump supporters as the "Pizzagate" hoax (falsely alleging that the Clinton pedophile mafia was operating out of a restaurant in Washigton DC called "Comet Ping Pong").

Zkhiri was ultimately assassinated by the Clinton mafia in 2017 for leaking "family secrets" to Q who started to share this information with others (to include Wikileaks and Julian Assange). Assange was also informed that if he refused to publish the Clinton "Spaghettigate" scandal before the 2016 election, that Clinton mafia may try to eliminate witnesses like Zkhiri to punish them for leaking to Q. Wikileaks refused to publish the Spaghettigate scandal prior to the 2016 election and Clinton acted to kidnap Q in 2016 and then assassinate Zkhiri in 2017 (before Q could regain communication with him). Assange obviously works for Clinton mafia (whether he knows it or not).

Some documents concerning the attempts by Q to leak the Clinton pedo scandal to Wikileaks.