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Christmas Terror Attack

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In October of 2004, Michael Tigar asked Q to testify at Lynne Stewart's terrorism trial in New York concerning the "Blind Sheikh" scandal which occurred at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester Minnesota starting in 1998. That testimony would have collapsed the Bush administration and resulted in John Kerry being elected, and so the FBI engaged a complex election-rigging scheme to prevent the 911 scandal from being exposed immediately prior to the 2004 election (in order to rig the election on behalf of President Bush).

President Bush then used the FBI to target Q with threats of violence against his family (and even threats of bio-terrorism against the Middle East) if he appeared to testify in the Lynne Stewart trial as scheduled (one month before the 2004 election). By using illegal threats to prevent Q from testifying about the 911 scandal, President Bush successfully rigged his 2004 re-election and then further retaliated against Q by orchestrating for him to be "Baker Acted" (illegally kidnapped into a hospital) by FBI Agent Matthew Foster as part of a larger plot to imprison Q on false criminal charges (for a minimum of 20 years and up to life). Just a few days later, Lynne Stewart was convicted of terrorism charges on February 10th, 2005. Two weeks after that, FBI Agent Foster orchestrated for Q to be arrested on a false criminal charges alleging that Q committed a "home invasion & assault" of an FBI informant. Q was then illegally prosecuted for almost two years before finally obtaining an acquittal at trial on all charges (in October of 2006). Q then returned to Morocco to retaliate against President Bush, the FBI and CIA by assassinating the CIA's main pedophile Kingpin (Joseph McPhillips) in Morocco on June 11th, 2007 (by throwing him down a flight of stairs in his home).

The FBI continued to target Q with additional criminal plots as part of the 2012 & 2016 elections, eventually culminating in the FBI kidnapping Q into illegal imprisonment as part of another attempt to rig the November 2016 election (where the Delaware FBI then lied under oath by claiming FBI Agent Matthew Foster doesn't even exist, as documented in the transcripts attached to the "Baker Act"). Shortly after Q was released from the additional illegal FBI imprisonment in 2018, he started to have dreams that the satanic karma of the FBI and Special Agent Matthew Foster would finally catch up with them. Approximately December 21st, 2018, Q had a dream that a Christmas Day terrorist attack would occur to punish the FBI if they made any further attempt to once again rig the 2020 election. As a result of his lucid dream, Q then sent a Christmas Day email to warn the judiciary of the imminent terrorist attack (in the hope that it could somehow be prevented). The evil NJ Federal Judges who received Q's email then falsley accused him of "threatening the LGBT" as part of yet another illegal plot by the Trump administration to keep Q imprisoned past the 2020 election. Q was then unlawfully imprisoned by President Trump and his mafia of satanic judges in 2019, but their plot failed after Q used secret recordings to impeach the false testimony used to imprison him (to obtain release). Those satanic crimes thereby set the stage for the final 2020 karmic resolution of all these demonic crimes.

God finally punished the FBI and their evil mafia of Judges by allowing Satan to send a demonic assassin named Roy Den Hollander to execute one of the NJ Federal Judges that received Q's email in 2018 (Judge Esther Salas), as follows:

Even after the FBI and the NJ Judges witnessed how their satanic attacks against Q ended up backfiring upon them, they still resolved to desecrate the innocent spirit of Judge Salas's son by insisting upon proceeding with the rigged the November 2020 election. This horrific desecration then resulted in Anthony Quinn Warner retaliating against them with a Christmas Day Bombing in 2020 to bring their satanic karma full circle (just as Q predicted with his email to Judge Salas). FBI Agent Matthew Foster was then assigned to investigate the very Christmas bombing that he set into motion with his satanic karma since 2004. What goes around always comes back around again. The miraculous Christmas day terrorist attack was also a direct warning of what was about to occur on January 6th, 2021 (the day American democracy died).

Not only did Q run across Roy Den Hollander's law practice on the internet before he attempted to assassinate Judge Salas, but Q had also met Anthony Quinn Warner online in a "911 truther" forum before he blew himself up on Christmas day. There is no such thing as coincidence.