False Religion of Psychology

UPDATE 2023-1-6: Judge Mark A. Kearney sends illegal takedown request to Youtube demanding removal of the above recording. Q responds by posting video clips of the hearing obtained from the courtroom video feed (full video available to verified journalists upon request).

The above recording documents a zoom hearing conducted by Judge Mark A. Kearney in Pennsylvania/Florida Federal Courts on 1/19/2018 as part of a plot to illegally imprison Q for publishing this website. The background of this hearing (where Q is defending himself without assistance from any attorney) is as follows:

Less than 30 days after being released from the FBI election-rigging kidnapping which took place from 2016-2017, Q was then assigned a lesbian Probation Officer named Sulimar Colon who immediately filed a false probation violation petition to try and re-imprison Q for republishing his First Amendment-protected journalism website at Judge Kearney then held a violation hearing (as recorded above) to try and force Q to submit to a false "schizophrenia" diagnosis so that his Court could obtain tax-payer funding to either pay for illegal medical torture to be imposed upon Q, or otherwise pay for imprisonment to be imposed upon Q the moment he refuses "treatment" for a medical condition he clearly does not have. Using fraud to obtain insurance money to pay for unnecessary medical treatments is a felony criminal violation of the federal Health Care Fraud Statute codified as 18 USC §1347 (a crime that this same judge sends people to prison for while now claiming to be above the law himself). All these Health Care fraud crimes are also committed as part of a conspiracy to violate Q's civil rights by threatening him with violent kidnappings anytime he reports on federal scandals to the public (by claiming these true scandals are instead "schizophrenic delusions" worthy of illegal imprisonment). The FBI strategy against Q since the 911 attacks is to falsely claiming he suffers from "delusions" anytime he reports upon crimes committed by the federal pedophile mafia (despite recordings which prove the crimes). Years after this hearing occurred, Kearney is still trying to coverup his crimes by sending an illegal takedown request to Youtube demanding removal of the above recording.

Everyone (including Kearney) knew that Q could easily expose these crimes by merely recording the federal doctor (Sheila M. Rowan) who was recruited by Kearney to forge the false "schizophrenia" diagnosis. Q immediately informed Kearney that he would record the evaluation with Dr. Rowan in the hopes that it would deter Kearney from committing this crime. Kearney instead responded by prohibiting Q from recording it by essentially threatening immediate imprisonment for the false "probation violation" (as documented in 40:00 to 46:55 of the recorded hearing). Q pretends to comply with Kearney's unlawful prohibition upon recording just to keep from being illegally imprisoned (where it is impossible to record the evaluation while imprisoned). The feds routinely deploy illegal detention upon Q to prevent him from recording these extraordinarily insane crimes committed by federal employees. Kearney is well known for issuing illegal rulings to try and prevent citizens from recording government employees while engaged in official duties (as can be seen here). Q defied Kearney's order under penalty of unlawful imprisonment and still recorded the forged "schizophrenia" evaluation issued by Kearney's doctor (Sheila Rowan) as follows:

After Q finally captured the forged "schizophrenia" diagnosis in an undisputable recording, he then informed Kearney that his crimes were finally recorded (causing Kearney's control over the case to collapse on the spot). When Q demanded a copy of Dr. Sheila Rowan's evaluation to confirm she forged a false "schizophrenia" diagnosis to help Kearney illegally imprison Q, the FBI responded by removing Kearney from the case because the recording prevented him from enforcing his own illegal orders and flagrant violations of First Amendment (while caught red-handed committing federal felony Health Care Fraud on behalf of the FBI). The FBI was finally exposed in their decades-long conspiracy to weaponize the American Psychological Association (APA) against innocent whistleblowers and other members of the public since at least 1973 when the APA first declared heterosexuality to be an "illusion" rather than a biological standard of the human species (and started illegally targeting anyone who disagrees with them, to include Q). The FBI then appointed Judge Joy Conti to clean up the federal Health Care Fraud crimes previously botched by Kearney. At first , the probation officers under Judge Conti tried to coverup the crime by falsely informing Q that Dr. Rowan's report came back with a "clean bill of health" and as a result, they were now terminating all anger management and mental health treatment illegally ordered by Judge Kearney. Despite the feds cancelling all of Kearney's prior "treatment" orders to try and coverup his Health Care Fraud crimes, Q still insisted that he be provided a copy of Dr. Rowan's evaluation to confirm it came back with a "clean bill of health" as they were claiming. The Probation officers told Q he could obtain a copy of the medical evaluation from Dr. Rowan directly because they were not permitted to release it without Dr. Rowan's consent. When Q went back to Dr. Rowan to get a copy of the evaluation, her staff responded by claiming that probation was instructing them not to release the report to Q. When Q went back to probation to confront them about these contradictions, they stated that Dr. Rowan was lying and instructed Q to return back to her office to retrieve the report. These evil lies went on for some time until Q was finally able to make contact with an employee of Dr. Rowan's office who reviewed the emails being sent to Q by probation (which captured their lies), and this honest employee confirmed she was "very disturbed" about the illegal activity being engaged by federal officials as part of their attempt to deny Q a copy of the false report (secret video made with Dr. Rowan's staff can be seen below):

When Q finally obtained a copy of the secret evaluation, he then confirmed that probation was lying and Dr. Sheila Rowan did in fact forge a false medical report by issuing a knowingly false "schizophrenia" diagnosis simply because Kearney demanded it (to support an ongoing criminal conspiracy by FBI and numerous federal judges to imprison Q for documenting these very crimes to the public). This is a copy of Dr. Sheila Rowan's false "schizophrenia" evaluation, which was eventually reviewed by a much more accomplished doctor (Dr. Marie DiCowden who confirms the obvious misdiagnosis of "schizophrenia" upon review of the recording). After Q confirmed the active plot to illegally imprison him using a false schizophrenia diagnosis, he then continued to record his probation officer (USPO Betty Menendez-Aponte) for almost a year as she engaged illegal obstruction of Q's right to have a hearing to dispute it (and neutralize illegal "medical" torture being used to try and silence Q). By April 2019, Q informed USPO Betty that he recorded her crimes and she also retaliated by threatening to unlawfully imprison Q just for recording her (just as Kearney also previously threatened to do). When USPO Betty realized she could not lawfully arrest Q for his First Amendment-protected journalism activity of recording federal crimes, she instead conspired to manufacture yet another false "probation violation" petition as the means by which to impose illegal imprisonment (to punish Q for recording her crimes). One of these illegal inmprisonment threats issued to Q by the desperate USPO Betty can he heard below as follows (along with secret spycam clips capturing her overt actions in furtherance of an illegal 2019 conspiracy to kidnap Q prior to 2020 election (which failed specifically because of these recordings):

The events that finally led to the "schizophrenia" kidnapping of Q into Federal Detention Center Miami (from May 13th to September 13th, 2019) thereby transpired as follows: From April 2018 until the 2019 kidnapping, the Pennsylvania federal courts refused to permit Q to challenge the false “schizophrenia” diagnosis manufacture by Judge Kearney for over a year since his doctor issued it. Q finally devised a plan to force a hearing (a plan so effective, it spooked the feds to illegally kidnap Q just to try and avoid it). Q researched and discovered that in the State of Florida (where he was residing), it is legal to obtain a medical marijuana license to treat PTSD yet illegal to get one for schizophrenia (because schizophrenia is not a qualifying condition). He also discovered a federal law called the "Consolidated Appropriations Act" (CAA) which prohibits the Department of Justice (and all its divisions, to include the US Attorney's Office, FBI, Federal Marshals and Bureau of Prisons) from expending any money to punish any medical marijuana patient that is in strict compliance with State marijuana laws. After researching these laws, Q realized that he could easily challenge the false "schizophrenia" diagnosis by getting a Florida medical marijuana license to treat PTSD and then invoking the CAA as a defense to the false "schizophrenia" diagnosis issued by the feds (forcing the Court to prove their "schizophrenia" diagnosis if they wanted to prohibit Q from using medical marijuana). Q thereby notified USPO Betty that he started to use medical marijuana to treat the nightmares resulting from decades-long illegal federal stalking, and USPO Betty immediately ordered Q to stop. Although Q did cease using medical marijuana upon the orders of USPO Betty, he still demanded a hearing for the Court to determine whether he has schizophrenia (as they were claiming) or PTSD (as Q was claiming) so that he could continue his valid medical treatment for PTSD (not schizophrenia).

So what did USPO Betty and the Judges come up with to try and prevent Q from using medical marijuana to dispute the false "schizophrenia" diagnosis (exposing their Health Care Fraud crimes in the process)? USPO Betty then informed Q that the prior forged "schizophrenia" evaluation with Dr. Rowan had “expired” and that they now needed another evaluation before any hearing on the medical marijuana could be conducted. The minute Q told USPO Betty that he would merely record the new evaluation to continue to document these "schizophrenia" forgeries, they finally executed an illegal imprisonment upon Q to block the recording. On May 13th, 2019, USPO Betty summoned Q to go to her office for a routine appointment, at which point he was surprised with arrest the moment he entered the lobby. The feds then falsely accused Q of violating his probation by using medical marijuana despite refusing Q a hearing on the matter (for over a year while he was free) to resolve that specific issue before any illegal imprisonment is attempted. The feds still needed to prove that Q suffers from “schizophrenia” rather than PTSD to confirm he violated his probation, and so they used illegal detention to try and force the completion of another forged "schizophrenia" diagnosis at FDC Miami where Q cannot record it to prove that doctors are lying about what is discussed during the evaluations. The illegal detention thereby provoked a standoff between Q and the feds whereby Q was refusing to participate in any further psychological evaluations without FDC Miami prison recording it (and providing him a copy), and the feds were refusing to permit any psychological evaluation of Q to ever be recorded (because Psychiatrists/Psychologists will lie anytime the FBI asks them to). As a result of this standoff, Q was then unlawfully denied a preliminary/revocation hearing for an unprecedented four months in complete violation of federal statutes (without any evidence that he was guilty of any probation violation) while the feds kept demanding for Q to submit to an unrecorded psychological evaluation at FDC Miami (to which he refused). After four months of the most completely illegal and brutal imprisonment imaginable, the feds finally got cold feet and released Q back to the street so he could finally prepare for the revocation hearing they were refusing to conduct. Q finally conducted the revocation hearing on September 13th, 2019 where he was able to invoke the CAA as a complete defense to false probation violation charges, forcing the prosecutor to finally drop the marijuana violations to prevent Q from submitting recordings of the forged "schizophrenia" diagnosis into evidence (which would force dismissal of the charges anyway by proving the diagnosis was false). The feds were also forced to immediately terminate the illegal probation (almost two years early) because they could no longer supervise Q while he was actively blowing marijuana smoke in their faces to celebrate his masterful exposure of all their Health Care Fraud crimes (to become the first person in USA to win the right to use medical marijuana while on federal probation). To this day, the Court is still refusing to provide Q with official recordings and transcripts of this remarkable hearing (despite pending motions requesting them). Q was instead forced to obtain hacked recordings of this medical marijuana hearing, thereby completing his documentation of civil rights and health care fraud crimes engaged against Q by Federal Judges (as follows):

Q is openly accused of hallucinating important events in his life despite the fact that numerous other persons also corroborate his claims. Here is an excerpt from another false "schizophrenia" report where the FBI alleges that Q was never imprisoned with the Blind Sheikh, and an affidavit from witnesses confirming that he was (as documented on the 911 page).

Q attempted to sue Dr. Rowan for her evil crimes in Florida State Court but the Trump/DeSantis Republican mafia unlawfully dismissed the lawsuit because the recording clearly affirms that a jury would have awarded substantial damages for blatant and intentional crimes. Q's Florida appeal can be found here.

Red states (like Florida) are not really conservative, they only pretend to be. In reality, anyone can be molested by the pedophiles (anywhere in America) for the right price.