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Proud Boys

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The following recordings document a criminal trial where Q defends himself against Nayib Hassan, the Attorney for Proudboys leader Enrique Tarrio. Q was falsely accused of engaging the "home invasion & assault" of an FBI terrorism informant in South Florida (2005-2006). After Q was acquitted of all charges via jury verdict, he retaliated against the FBI and CIA by travelling to Tangier, Morocco to conduct the home invasion & execution of a Clinton-backed pedophile kingpin named Joseph McPhillips (Headmaster of the American School of Tangier) on 6/11/2007. The scandal eventually resulted in the continued rigging of the 2012, 2016 and 2020 elections.

01) Introduction by Judge
02) Prosecutor Opening Arguments
03) Q Opening Arguments
04) FBI Informant Direct Examination by Prosecutor
05) FBI Informant Cross Examination by Q
06) FBI Informant Redirect by Prosecutor
07) State Police Direct Examination by Prosecutor
08) State Police Cross Examination by Q
09) Prosecution Rests & Motions
10) Witness Direct Examination by Q
11) Witness Cross Examination by Prosecutor
12) Q Rests & Motions
13) Prosecution Closing Arguments 1
14) Q Closing Arguments
15) Prosecution Closing Arguments 2
16) Jury Instructions by Judge
17) Jury Verdict

David Forteza Howard Finkelstein Karen Velez Khurrum Wahid Lynne Stewart
Marjorie Malone Mary Robinson Sunrise Michael Tigar Mindy Solomon
Ramsey Clark RObert Mueller Marcos Jiminez Nayib Hassan Matthew Foster