Proud Boys

The above recording documents a 2006 criminal trial in South Florida where Q defends himself PRO SE (without an attorney) against Prosecutor Nayib Hassan (who eventually left the government to become a Defense Attorney for Proudboys leader Enrique Tarrio). The South Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI and Sunrise Police falsely accused Q of committing the "home invasion & assault" of a federal terrorism informant named Marjorie Malone in Sunrise, Florida. After Q was acquitted of all these false charges via jury verdict in 2006 (as documented in the trial recordings below), he responded to this illegal FBI attack by travelling to Tangier, Morocco to conduct the home invasion & execution of a Clinton-backed pedophile kingpin named Joseph McPhillips on 6/11/2007 (by throwing him down a flight of stairs in his home). Here is a recent clip of Q and Tarrio discussing the FBI sleeper operative Mr. Hassan (and other aspects of the Proud Boys case). Attorney Steven Metcalf (Attorney for Proud Boy Domimic Pezzola) is yet another attorney who was aware of the Q scandal prior to the 2020 election as he worked on a case related to the scandal. This is the first conversation when Metcalf reached out to Q about the scandal which is also documented in some email exchanges between them.

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Marjorie Malone Mary Robinson Sunrise Michael Tigar Mindy Solomon
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