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Obama Bin Biden

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This is a video of Khurrum Wahid with Joe Biden prior to the 2020 election.

In 2005-2006, Q was falsely accused of conducting the "home invasion and assault" of an FBI terrorism informant in Florida. Q hired Khurrum to help him defend against the charges at trial, but then Khurrum never showed up on trial date in October 2016. Q then defended himself at trial without assistance from Khurrum (the attorney he hired to help him), and he still won an unprecedented acquittal at trial.

In that same false case, the FBI orchestrated for Q to be prosecuted by Nayib Hassan, the current attorney for the leader of the Proudboys (Enrique Tario) who is involved in the Trump 1/6 Capitol Attack. Q defeated Hassan at the same trial where Khurrum refused to show up, and he celebrated his acquittal by immediately travelling to Morocco to assassinate Joe McPhillips (the pedophile Headmaster of the American School of Tangier - an illegal KRONOS operation run out of the Middle East).

And this is how the Biden mafia (represented by Khurrum) and the Trump mafia (represented by Nayib) both conspired as early as 2006 to try and assist KRONOS with the illegal attempted assassination of Q in Florida (which provoked the assassination of McPhillips and set up the final showdown between Trump/Biden in 2020).