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FBI threatens Q

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On 8/3/2022, Q sent an email to Keechant L. Sewell (Police Commissioner of the NYPD) & Eric Adams (Mayor of New York City) to report crimes committed by FBI since before 911 (through intermediaries that make it impossible for them to deny knowledge of the report - unredacted version available upon request):

The FBI responds to the email by having Q's home in Florida raided on 8/5/2022 to conduct an illegal "threat assessment" based upon nothing more than Q's request to speak to NYPD about prior crimes he witnessed. The raid was video recorded and Q's girlfriend was present during the entire incident (and also illegally interrogated). When Q asked the FBI henchmen to identify just one statement in his email to NYPD that was being considered a "threat," they stated that the specific portion of the email where Q discloses that he assassinated a pedophile in Morocco in 2007 was being considered a possible illegal threat.

Q notified the feds that First Amendment caselaw protects a citizen's right to report that justice was administered to a pedophile 15 years ago, as such statement can never be considered a threat (according to federal First Amendment case law). They respond by calling Q on 8/7/2022 at 7:28PM (Sunday) on his phone (845)ESCOBAR, to again threaten to kidnap and/or murder him if he continues to report upon the FBI coverup of pedophile & terrorism crimes. The FBI henchman refuse to address the First Amendment issues and merely hang up on Q after issuing another illegal threat.

USA v. Stock 728 F.3d 287 (3rd Cir. 2013), and USA v. Landham, 251 F.3d 1072 (6th CIr. 2001) confirms a statement about past conduct cannot constitute a threat (only claim of present or future conduct can constitute a threat). Q merely stating a fact that he lawfully (according to the laws of Morocco and Islam) killed a pedophile in 2007 cannot constitute evidence of a criminal threat. If such claims by FBI were true, a military veteran cannot even tell people he fought and killed in Iraq to defend his country, as such a statement would be defined as an "illegal threat to engage present or future killing." The email to Mayor Adams then set into motion a series of events that led to an immediate need by FBI to also raid Trump's Wac-O-Lago bunker the next day on 8/8/2022.

This recording is just one of hundreds of similar illegal threats issued against Q by the FBI since immediately following the 911 attacks when Q first attempted to report these crimes and was blocked by DEA, FBI and CIA. For example, from 2011-2012 Q was receiving threats from Al-Qaeda that they were going to abandon the ceasefire agreement unless he travelled to Saudi Arabia to "keep up appearances" after the FBI provoked a conflict between Q and his family's government in Morocco. The FBI was still obstructing investigation of their rogue 911 operative in Pakistan, so Q sent emails to select feds to break the obstruction and they replied by threatening to kill him (Q ended up restraining the threat without FBI assistance - here is the email documenting the exchange):

Even when the feds email death threats to Q and he submits them to the federal court to have them restrained (as he did with the above threat from October 26th, 2011), the federal judge responded with a bizarre ruling alleging that it was legal for the feds to threaten violence against Q because he is not a federal official, but it is illegal for Q to respond to them in kind because they are federal officials.

Just like prior illegal raids of Q, no investigation is conducted and instead the FBI mafia responds with threats of illegal kidnapping or murder. The raid and illegal interrogation of Q and his girlfriend resulting in more death threats issued to Q on 8/7/2022 was merely conducted to affirm that the FBI mafia can walk in and shoot Q dead in his own home anytime they please (based on any false justification they conjure up). Q continues to laugh at their illegal threats and remains committed to non-violent exposure of their crimes.

The FBI engages strategic exploitations of all these scandals to keep themselves positioned at the very top of the political mafias because they are an agency that exists solely for the purpose of manipulating elections in the USA and elsewhere (to basically control the entire Earth). The FBI's ultimate mission is that of their satanic Patriarch, J. Edgar Hoover (the antichrist manifest, whose gay-racist demonic spirit is still in control of the FBI until this day).

Clinton & Comey illegally provoked 6/11 2016 Orlando Attack as part of their chaotic satanic scheme to rig 2016 election (and killed 50 of "their own"). Trump & Wray illegally provoked 1/6 2021 Capitol Attack as part of their chaotic satanic scheme to coverup 911 (and killed 5 of "their own"). The FBI can run around threatening to arrest Clinton & Trump, but who is responsible for arresting Comey & Wray?

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