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The Medina Boys


On August 6th, 2001 (36 days before the 911 attacks), the CIA provided President Bush with a President's Daily Brief alleging "a Bin Ladin cell in New York was recruiting Muslim-American youth for attacks." The "Bin Laden cell" refers to a CIA operation to recruit Muslim-American youths into a Pakistani ISI run Muslim Street Gang called the Medina Boys. The operation started in 1990 and grew to be comprised of hundreds of members and affiliates all througout NYC (and the world) until it started to be disbanded following the 911 attacks. CIA & Pakistani ISI used Medina Boys to wage a proxy war against the Indian community in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by organizing large groups of Muslim Youths to raid their parades, concerts and various cultural venues, fashion shows, parties, college campus groups, and to extort their businesses and otherwise bully the Indian community all throughout the East Coast of the United States for a decade (which in retrospect was very regrettable and for which Q apologizes in earnest to the Indian community for his participation in that operation after discovering the real reasons why CIA was doing it). The leadership of the Medina Boys was based in the Corona, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights area of Queens (the so-called "Sunni Triangle of the Q-Boro").

The Medina Boys was funded by the CIA through a Pakistani ISI drug warlord named "Hashem" who was using an Afghani proxy to distribute heroin in New York City as the funding mechanism for the Medina Boys (to include maintentance of numerous stash houses and intelligence gathering operations by members of the gang) and eventually to also fund the 911 attacks. The US government coverup of the "Hashem" organization's involvement with the 911 attacks also confirms that the Taliban had absolutely no prior knowledge of the 911 plot, and that Bin Laden was not the person who gave the final order for 911 to proceed. According to what Q witnessed directly, the only person who could have ordered the 911 attacks to occur when they did, was Hashem. The 911 scam was thereby manufatured by satanic elements in the US government to create a false excuse to justify invading Afghanistan and the entire Middle East (resulting in collapse, or near collapse, of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others). This satanic design is part of an illegal messianic terrorism competition occuring between the CIA, FBI and other foreign intelligence agencies for control of the KRONOS high-techology program. The Taliban never had any invovlement in 911 whatsoever and were merely framed for it by giving refuge to other muslims who were also being illegally abused by the CIA (just for being Muslim), and still they are being attacked by America 20 years later just for kicking America out of their country following this heinous illegal invasion of their country based upon completely fabricated messianic lie.

The publicly acknowledged leader of the Medina Boys was the Pakistani ISI's "man in New York," Farooq Syed Ahmed aka Fooka. Fooka was kidnapped by the CIA immediately following the 911 attacks and deported back to the custody of the Pakistani ISI that was plotting to kill him (to eliminate him as a witness to the 911 scam). Q recruited Fooka to conduct a "Bin Laden" operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2010 (before Bin Laden's location was publically known). The Pakistani ISI discovered that Q informed Fooka of the location where Bin Laden was hiding, and so they assassinated him as soon as he returned to Lahore from Abbottabad (in April 2010). Bin Laden's hiding place in Abbottabad was publically disclosed by Obama over a year later (only after they claim to have killed him). The following is a sample compilation of some Medina Boy hangouts taking place during that timeperiod prior to the 911 attacks.


Here is another clip with Jeff, a member of the Medina Boys who is also the brother of a decorated NYPD Sergeant. In this video Jeff predicts that Q (aka the "Medicine Man") will use his advanced technical capabilities to bring down a president (the Q-Boro would eventually implicate not one, but five different Presidential administrations with involvement in this unprecedented scandal over the course of decades).


Here is another clip where Q and Fooka capture and kidnap a bank robber and interrogate her after she tried to rob one of the Medina Boy's gang stash houses. The video is extraordinary because several people who appear in the video are known mafia assassins, and one of them (the individual smoking the cigarette towards the end of the video) is a prolific assassin that killed numerous people in New York.


Here is another clip of a conversation between Q and a Medina Boy's affiliate named Rami Hasan. Q was present on the scene the day when Rami Hasan's brother Ahmed Hasan was murdered in Astoria, Queens (December 30th, 2000). Q tried to save Ahmed's life by trying to prevent the shootout, but he faile. He was still able to save his other friend's life after driving him to the hospital after being shot (where he was then wrongfully arrested by the NYPD and taken to the 114 precint to be placed into a lineup before the police figured out what actually happened. The CIA intervened in that case to prevent Q's federal probation officer from discovering the murder arrest so that it would not obstruct the CIA operation. The CIA & FBI continued to engage illegal targeting of Rami Hasan as part of their sustainted illegal coverup of the Medina Boys scandal following the 911 attacks.