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INTRO: This website is operated by "Q," the original Government/Hollywood infiltrator whose "Q-boro" (Queens, New York City) whistleblower movement was subsequently co-opted by the "Q-anon" operation. The evidence posted on this website is authentic as it is illegal under 18 U.S. Code § 1038 to publish forged recordings/documents involving actual people. This website also discloses the identify of numerous high-level government officials (and their low-level operatives) which engaged deliberate actions and/or ommisions in furtherance of a Clinton-backed satanic pedo-terrorism conspiracy documented by Q on his public websites since 2013 (before the Q-boro whistleblower investigation was plagiarized by CIA-backed "Q" imposters on 4chan/8chan/8kun starting approximately October of 2016). The public is NOT permitted to approach, threaten, harass or commit any other crime against any of the persons identified on this website or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law. This website is intended to inform the public about a true scandal so that they may directly investigate and prosecute it (as the government is not structured to prosecute itself).

Origin of "Pizzagate" and the "Q-anon" movement: In October of 2016 (immediately prior to the Presidential election), an anonymous source had viralized a conspiracy theory called "pizzagate," which alleges that the Clintons were running a global pedophile-terrorism organization. The source of this psyops (psychological operation) is an individual named Ambassador Frank George Wisner II, who is the son of the former co-founder of the CIA, Frank Gardiner Wisner (who was involved in numerous similar government scandals, to include MKUltra, BLUEBIRD, MOCKINGBIRD, ARTICHOKE). The source material for the "pizzagate" psyops (and subsequent "Q-anon" movement) is drawn from a dispute between "Q" and Ambassador Wisner, whose organization recruited Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of State) to help them file a false terrorism complaint against Q with the King of Morocco (as part of a plot to murder an American citizen who was residing in a foreign country). This murder plot was intended to cover up the crimes of a pedophile-terrorism organization known as the “American School of Tangier” ("AST," a K-12 school incorporated in Wilmington Delaware since the 1960's). One of the main pedophile leaders of AST, an individual named Joseph McPhillips, was assassinated by Q in Morocco on 6/11/2007 after being thrown down a flight of stairs in his home. AST retaliated against Q for administering justice to McPhillips by ordering the illegal murder of three members of Q's organization (in 2010, 2015 and 2016), and then ordering for Q to be kidnapped by the FBI starting since 2016. The kidnapping of Q caused his ceasefire agreement with Al-Qaeda to collapse, at which point they ordered a terrorism attack against the LGBT to take place on 6/11/2016 (to commemorate the date of McPhillips assassination).

Ramsey Clark [DATEPALM: 2021-04-16]
Khurrum Wahid [LGBTQAEDA+]
Will Sommer [LGBTQANON+]
Marjorie Malone [LGBTQBLM+]

Medina Boys

Summary filed in Federal Court, EDPA Case No. 16-cr365, ECF#212 (redacted copy here):
Affidavit    ExhibitB    ExhibitC    ExhibitD    ExhibitE    ExhibitF    ExhibitG   
The above exhibits can also be downloaded on Google Drive here. (105 MB)

Below you can review the original Q "parody" pizzagate-themed websites (timestamped on since 2013) accusing Hillary Clinton (and her close friends and associates) of operating a satanic pedophile terrorism ring. These original "pizzagate" websites were taken offline in September of 2016 (before impostor "pizzagate" surfaced a month later in October of 2016) 2013-05-30
(5/30/2013 snapshot as originally published (with pictures) here 2016-09-20
(9/20/2016 snapshot as originally published (with pictures) here

Court filing by "Q" on 2/24/2016 (original Q logo upper right) warning of the imminent Pulse Nightclub Massacre.

AST has illegally kidnapped Q a total of 14 times thus far (as part of their attempts to cover up this scandal), with the last three illegal kidnappings taking place in America on 9/26/2013, 3/7/2016 and 5/13/2019. Q is currently (and illegally) prohibited from leaving the United States to condut a press conference in a neutral country as part of the AST conspiracy to continue their illegal false-flag terrorism attacks against the public. The false "pizzagate" story was leaked by the CIA to distance themselves from the terrorism attack provoked by FBI against the LGBT on 6/11/2016 (as documented in the exhibit/affidavit provided above), and so the public should be informed that the CIA and FBI are at war with each other (almost as much as they are at war with the public).

ALERT: Based on the information obtained by Q during his 33+ year investigation of the AST scandal since 1987, it seems likely that the coronavirus pandemic is not a coincidence. As a result of the continued cover up of the AST scandal by FBI/CIA, additional threats of 2021 terrorism recieved by Q are clearly credible and thus the public must investigate and properly defend themselves from crimes committed against them by the FBI/CIA which are agencies that have unfortunately betrayed the entire human species for personal gain (and are thus incapble of defending the public from the real terrorism threats that are out there).


During the course of The Investigation, Q made thousands of audio/video recordings which document numerous non-public scandals ranging from terrorism to unsolved murders being obstructed by FBI. Several hundred of these recordings expose some of the biggest secret scandals in United States history. Q is open to share his extraordinary archive with other investigators who wish to help expose these crimes. These recordings are the property of Q and were made in accordance with federal law. Any investigators wishing to review unredacted recordings from the archive may email or call (SCH)OOL-YARD to speak to Q directly. Below are a few snippets from the archive:


Operation "Old Mountain Mafia"

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