RIP The Investigation
(12/21/12 - 12/21/21)

The Investigation has ended due to continued FBI-issued threats to engage more murder & terrorism

Queens was visited in 1984, resulting in the 1987 AST attack on Islam and subsequent election-rigging of antichrist

CIA rigged 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2016 elections
FBI rigged 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2020 elections

Joe Biden, Chris Wray & Merrick Garland currently leading the antichrist seditious conspiracy against humanity

Trump is disqualified from further Presidency due to illegal assasination of Soleimani in effort to provoke WWIII

Biden was pre-disqualified from Presidency due to participation in the antichrist seditious conspiracy since 2010

The big lies of CIA Republicans: Islam is the anti-christ & G-d is "white-light-skinned"

The big lies of FBI Democrats: LGBTQIA+ (sexualized atheism) is a "true religion" & abortion/suicide is not murder

Say NO to Racism, Atheism/Gaytheism, Abortion & Suicide (the evil vices of the anti-christ)

Say NO to the antichrist's seditious conspiracy to prohibit true democracy (and Democrats/Republicans supporting it)

Say NO to any voting system that anonymizes your vote after you cast it (Rigged Democracy = Fake Democracy)

If you believe in your vote, then publish it to the public so that antichrist election rigging is defeated

Democracy favours the brave - Anyone that is afraid of the public knowing their vote, is voting for a lie (antichrist)

It is not "DEFUND THE POLICE" - It was always "REORIENT THE POLICE" but KKK/GAY claim police are "born that way" and cannot change thier "orientation"

(and they also hate the word "orient" because Bruce Leeroy scares the shit out of their little FBI racism/gaytheism caliphate)

Extra Sensory Hotline:
+1(PER)CEP-TION (Jewish)
+1(PER)CEP-TUAL (Christian)
+1(PER)CEP-TIVE (Muslim)