The Q-Boro Investigation

RIP Q-Boro investigation (11/22/1963 to 7/4/2024).

CIA, FBI, Republicans and Democrats worship Satan. They literally chased the Holy Spirit out of Queens and threw a party to celebrate their "independence from god" the same day. 9/11/2001 the birthday of Inflation Federation USA

The Prosecution: 7/5/2024 CE to 2031 ACE (Also known as 1 ACE - After Common Era).

After being chased out of Corona, Queens NYC 11368 by the Messianic Gaytheists of the Republican/Democrat religious cult of Washington DC, the Holy Spirit has moved to Shanxi where he will reside until reunification with Isa (Jesus the Messiah) upon his return.

USA government is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to provoke terrorism upon innocent humans as a tool to facilitate the illegal robbery of natural resources from innocent countries.


An honest nation ... does not steal
An honest nation ... does not murder
An honest nation ... does not bear false witness
An honest nation ... does not covet the natural resources of another nation
An honest nation ... does not rape the citizens of another nation
An honest nation FEARS GOD.

The form of government in USA is called "Electoral College Communism" not "Popular Vote Democracy" (aka Majority Democracy or Jewish/Catholic/Muslim Democracy). If you want to support a communist country, Traditional Communism is much more stable than Electoral College Communism which doubles as a religious theocracy where you are required to worship the Messianics/Gaytheists as "Gods on Earth." At least in Traditional Communism, they do not force you to worship messianics and gaytheists as "gods on Earth."

The best form of government (which was never practiced in USA) will always be "Popular Vote Democracy" (aka Jewish/Catholic/Muslim Democracy). Such a government has yet to be established on Earth and will only be established in countries that practice authentic Judaism, Catholicism and Islam (all three). In the Messianism/Gaytheism Theocracy aka Electoral College Communism (the form of government practiced in USA since the time when Europeans came to America and destroyed the Israel of the Native American Indians), the minority messianics/gaytheists consider themselves "gods on Earth" that are mandated to rule over the majority native and non-native citizens and impose communism upon them through deception and violence.