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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan defeats Obama Bin Biden, Clint Bushwood and Little Trumpet Boy
The lie of 911 is unravelling for the Antichrist Agents of FBI/CIA/DEA.
Freedom for all humans enslaved by Washington DC alien cult.

WARNING : This site contains Abrahamically-prohibited media content not suitable for viewing by anyone under 21 years old.

INTRO: This website is operated by "Q," the original investigator whose "Q-boro" (Queens, New York City) whistleblower movement was subsequently co-opted by the federal government (FEDGOV) "Pizzagate" and "Q-anon" propaganda operation (psyops). The evidence posted on this website is authentic as it is illegal under 18 U.S.C. §1038 to publish forged recordings/documents involving actual people. This website also discloses the identify of numerous high-level FEDGOV officials (and their low-level operatives) which engaged deliberate actions and/or omissions in furtherance of a Hillary Clinton-backed satanic pedo-terrorism conspiracy documented on Q's public websites since 2013 (three years before FEDGOV "Q" impostors appeared on 4chan/8chan/8kun websites starting October 2016). The public is NOT permitted to approach, threaten, harass or commit any other crime against any of the persons identified on this website or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law. This website is intended to inform the public about a true scandal so that they may directly investigate and prosecute it (as the government is not structured to prosecute itself).

Pizzagate/Qanon: In October of 2016 (immediately prior to the Presidential election), FEDGOV operatives published a conspiracy theory on the internet called "pizzagate," which alleges that the Clintons were running a global pedophile-terrorism organization. After Trump won the Presidency in 2016, the "Pizzagate" hoax was then transformed into a global "Qanon" movement led by Trump supporters. The original source of this unprecedented psyops is an individual named Ambassador Frank G. Wisner II, who is the son of the former co-founder of the CIA, Frank Wisner (originator of similar psyops to include MKUltra, BLUEBIRD, MOCKINGBIRD, ARTICHOKE). The source material for the pizzagate/qanon psyops is drawn from a long-term dispute between Q and Wisner, which went public in 2009 after Wisner recruited Hillary Clinton (as Secretary of State) to assist in a plot to murder Q in Morocco via the filing of a false terrorism complaint against Q with the King of Morocco (to try and provoke Q's assassination as revenge for the McPhillips assassination). This murder conspiracy was intended to thwart exposure of a Hollywood-FBI-CIA pedophile-terrorism organization known as the “American School of Tangier” ("AST," a K-12 school incorporated in Wilmington Delaware since the 1960's). One of the main pedophile leaders of AST, an individual named Joseph McPhillips, was assassinated by Q in Morocco on 6/11/2007 by being thrown down a flight of stairs in his home. AST objected to the administration of justice to McPhillips (assisted suicide as he requested) by continuing illegal operations against Q starting back in 2009 after 2-year haitus following assassination of McPhillips, to include ordering the murder of three members of Q's organization (in 2010, 2015 and 2016) and kidnapping Q via FBI in 2013, 2016 and 2019 (which remains ongoing). The kidnapping of Q from 2013 to present thereby caused his prior 2001 ceasefire agreement with Al-Qaeda (documented below) to collapse starting since 2016, at which point the Pakistani Al-Qaeda ordered a terrorism attack against the LGBT to take place on 6/11/2016 (also commemorating the date of the successful McPhillips assassination conducted by Q-boro).

Summary of the AST scandal filed in Federal Court, EDPA Case No. 16-cr365, ECF#212 (redacted copy here):
Affidavit__ ExhibitB__ ExhibitC__ ExhibitD__ ExhibitE__ ExhibitF__ ExhibitG
The above exhibits can also be downloaded on Google Drive here. (105 MB)

Below you can review the original Q "parody" pizzagate-themed websites (timestamped on archive.org since 2013) accusing Hillary Clinton (and her close friends and associates) of operating a satanic pedophile terrorism ring. These original "pizzagate" websites were taken offline in September of 2016 (before impostor "pizzagate" surfaced a month later in October of 2016)

Archive.org 2013-05-30 www.cryptomedia.com
(5/30/2013 snapshot as originally published (with pictures) here

Archive.org 2016-09-20 www.markshermansimpson.com
(9/20/2016 snapshot as originally published (with pictures) here

Court filing by "Q" on 2/24/2016 (original Q logo upper right) warning of the imminent Pulse Nightclub Massacre.

The original dispute between Q and AST started in 1987 and expanded in 1996 after AST recruited the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to illegally frame Q in a conspiracy to distribute a $500,000 shipment of Taliban heroin (as part of a plot to lure him into a terrorism case). This illegal DEA plot was then merged with an ongoing FBI/CIA plot simultaneously attempting to try and frame Q's father in a terrorism case. This allowed Q to directly witness the internal workings of the 911 plot comprised of alliances/betrayals between CIA, FBI and DEA that ensured the attack to be successful. To goal of the US government was to launch a "war on terror" for personal gain, an illgal conspiracy which began to crumble starting 2013. The "pizzagate" story was leaked by CIA to distance themselves from Clinton FBI's terror attack on LGBT at Pulse Orlando (as documented in the exhibit/affidavit provided above). The coverup of Pulse Orlando (and everything since) continues to prove that CIA/FBI/DEA are at war with each other (and the remainder of human species), and so the public must defund this FEDGOV monster they created to return the human species back to its natural stability. Based on the information obtained by Q during his 33+ year investigation of the AST scandal since 1987, unfortunately it does seem very likely that the COVID-19 pandemic is not a coincidence. The terrorism threats received by Q remain credible and ongoing for as long as FEDGOV continues to cover up this unprecedented scandal.

Crime & Karma

AST and FEDGOV orchestrated for Q to be illegally kidnapped 14 times (thus far) as part of their unprecedented crime spree starting with the 1987 pedo-attack upon the Q-boro by McPhillips. These illegal kidnappings were accomplished via false criminal cases filed against Q in 1994, 1996, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2016 and 2019 (as will be documented below once the site is updated). Even after FEDGOV engaged their last kidnapping of Q into a federal torture facility in 2019 (which lasted 4 months), he was released but then prohibited from leaving the United States to a safe location where he can break this scandal. As a result of the continued illegal kidnapping/surveillance operation imposed upon Q by FEDGOV, Q has responded with 2020/2021 private showings of extra-sensory karma operations returned to FEDGOV via their satanic rituals coming back to expose them (some are posted as evidence of the satanic crimes against humanity).

More coming soon ...


Spiritual Leaders - Trinity of Dajjal

Meyer Kahane

Meyer Kahane

Leader of the Zionist demons

Meyer Kahane
Assasinated: 11/5/1990
John Money

John Money

Leader of the Masonic demons

John Money
Extracted: 7/7/2006
Ayatollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini

Leader of the Shiite demons

Ayatollah Khomeini
Extracted: 6/3/1989


The following draft organizational chart identifies the "Top 100" participants of the illegal kidnappings imposed upon Q from 1996 to 2019. Each operative identified below has engaged at least one deliberate act and/or omission in furtherance of the criminal conspiracy to imprison Q on numerous false criminal cases orchestrated by AST and FEDGOV. If you are identified on the chart and believe you have been included in error, or if you believe there is a misunderstanding concerning the reasons why you are identified (which warrant removal), or if you wish to apologize for your misconduct to be removed, or if you are a member of the public that has additional information concerning crimes committed by these operatives, you may email q@theinvestigation.org or call Q at (SCH)OOL-YARD to discuss it directly. The public is NOT permitted to approach, threaten, harass or commit any other crime against any of the persons identified anywhere on this website or you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Taking Back The Rainbow


☏   ✉     

THE MISSION:QBORO has been investigating this conspiracy since 1964. By March 7th, 2016, QBORO finally exposed the Republican/Democratic parties as having illegal religious goals (and thus operating as cults). The Republicans seek to prove that God has a racial preference in choosing to manifest into the body of a light-skinned male they call "the Messiah" (which is a falsified interpretation of racial-skin-color-based Christianity used to promulgate racism ideology for centuries). The Democrats seek to prove that God prefers humans to abolish gender as being real (in support of gaytheism ideologies that blame gender as being the cause of all human suffering). QBORO was born of an Abrahamic alliance of Jews, Christians, and Muslims that do not support racism/gaytheism. So our investigation was met with violence by Republicans/Democrats who are hiding their anti-human agendas from the public. QBORO is the only independent investigation to confirm that BOTH the Republican/Democratic parties have illegal conspiratorial goals that violate the U.S. constitution (and so we demand removal of BOTH these parties from power). The unprecedented QBORO investigation also implicates numerous Presidents (going back to Ronald Regan) as involved in an illegal "alien" conspiracy to cover up advanced technology, which is unlawful under the rules of the Abrahamic religions. The racist cult controlling the Republican Party and the gaytheist cult controlling the Democrat Party are collaborating on additional false flag terrorist attacks against the public to try and cover up their crimes. They also threaten to order the mass suicide of their cult members (and other criminal activities) to try and prevent arrest and prosecution for their crimes. ***WARNING*** If you are under the illegal psychological programming of the Republican/Democratic religious cults, do not commit suicide once the crimes of your parties are exposed. The Republicans are hiding the proof that the Islamic religion is a true extension of the Abrahamic tradition (to keep pushing false interpretations of Christianity that allege that God prefers white skin). Democrats are hiding the proof that it is impossible to be "born gay" (invalidating all gaytheism religious theories that spring from that false assumption claiming that gender does not exist in reality). Those two "big lies" being spread openly by the Republican and Democratic religious cults do not justify for the psychological hostages of their cults to commit suicide once they discover that they were pushed to follow lies. Suicide is an act of murder, and God judges it under the same standard. Suicide disorder is the original disorder that causes persons to pursue racism and gaytheism cults to begin with (because they specifically seek to recruit people who are suicidal because they hope to use self-murder as a tool to force their way). When racism and gaytheism cults fail, their leaders always try to trigger the suicide of their cult members in the hopes that "suicide-sympathy" will help them push their agenda. So people must understand that any person who commits suicide is doing it from an area of the mind from which the crime of murder is formulated, and so suicide is no different (in the crimes of the mind) than if the person were to go into the street and commit murder against any other random person. Anyone who commits suicide should be treated by the rest of the public as if they have murdered an innocent person (themselves). Suicide is even worse than killing an innocent child because the suicider picks a victim that is even more defenseless to fight back than any random child. A suicider takes the most vulnerable victim possible (a human with no defense, not even against themself), and their satanic spirit acts to engage murder upon that defenseless body (themselves) simply because they know their victim will not fight back. So if you are a Republican who finds out Muslims are not Satanic after all (and this causes you to become suicidal after discovering that your party has been lying to you for decades), you must not commit more murder upon innocent Muslims or otherwise suicide yourself, or else you are admitting that Satan drives you. If you are a Democrat that finds out that it is not possible to be "born gay," you must not commit more murder upon innoncent Abrahamics (Jews/Christians/Muslims) or otherwise commit suicide, or else you are admitting that Satan drives you. Do not follow the leadership of the Republican/Democratic cults if they start demanding for you to commit murder or suicide upon innocent persons to avoid confronting the "big lies" of these two religious cults. QBORO is raising awareness of this issue so that people can prepare to face the two big lies without engaging in violence against themselves and/or other innocent persons. The Republicans spread massive lies causing innocent boys to rush to the Middle East to kill any "911 Muslim" they can find. The Democrats spread massive lies causing innocent boys to chop off (and invert) their genitals to tranform into artificial "girls" to promote gaytheism religious theory. If you are a victim of these two big lies, you must not commit suicide when you discover this massive deception because you have a legal claim against the Republicans/Democrats for damages and to be compensated for their lies (and provided proper medical treatment to correct any damages forced on you by these lies). If the public can demonstrate restraint upon exposure of these two big lies, we can then prosecute the criminals who promoted them and caused so much harm to the world (and hopefully obtain justice for all the victims). But everyone must remain calm and save as many people from these lies (and the violence they are designed to cause) as possible. Everyone needs to be informed that suicide is murder (and that there is no difference). If you commit suicide after discovering that the governments are lying to you, the world will view you as worse than the human who murders a defenseless child. So do not follow the suicide orders of the Republican/Democrat liars who led you astray, and do not engage terrorism against innocent people (or yourself) simply because you are depressed about being tricked by liars. Racism is a lie. Gaytheism is a lie. Don't fall for the two biggest lies of our time. We can save many people who are afflicted by racism and gaytheism. For the racists, it starts with admitting that it is a psychological disorder to believe that God has a preference for any particular race (or alleged skin color belonging to such race). For the gaytheists, it begins with admitting that gender exists as a biological reality. Suppose we don't address these two big lies of the Democrats and Republicans. In that case, they will continue to come up with new lies, such as Trump claiming that the 2020 election was subject to ballot-miscounting to provoke riots and deaths (when he knows that aspect of his claims is a complete lie). Now we have Democrats that continue to mutilate the genitals of thousands of children they are diagnosing as "born into the wrong body," and they are upset that groups like the Taliban will continue to impose harsh restrictions upon the woman in response to the harsh measures imposed by gaytheists upon children. When the federal government in America stops mutilating the genitals of children to try and "change their gender," the Taliban will stop restricting women. Democrat/Republican minority cult leaders can never have a moral authority to call any of the Abrahamic children of god barbarians when they are the most barbaric group of religious fanatics to have ever existed on this Earth (since the time of Adam and Eve when the Satan came forth as King of all barbarians). Say NO to Trump/Biden and YES to TRUTH.

First it was Sykes-Picot agreement. Now they want Elijah-Khidr agreement.
Taliban is KING. The Mandarin wants his property back.
The Arabs are the same Arabs. The Jews are the same Jews. It is only the sea that will change.
Biblical land of the sea. Better start building an ark. ISIS is coming.

AREA 52 HEIST!!! If you want your stars back, free willy.
China owns the heavens, The Mandarin will trade you back for the sea.

And so that is how you build a REAL spaceship?

U-3 Recon Orb - Operation KRONOS - Developed at Area 52.

Shiny City on a Hill cant afford the phone bill.

China Virus?

If we are naming it according to who developed and released it
It would be the American Littlerock-Crawford-Wilmington (LCW) Virus.
Courtesy of Steganohoney Potbomb

You break the codes, then there's repercussions ...
They tap your phone, what was you discussin ...

The Secrets of Flushing Meadows: Original Logo of Spaghetti Park
For the love of Baseball, Hip Hop and Homebase (The Unisphere).

Life's Good.
Be Thankful.
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